This happened quite some tile ago: I decided to become a blonde. I’ve had some hair dye experience by then so I knew that it was not something you should do by yourself. Especially if you want to become a blonde (dye your hair a couple of shades lighter, in my case). So I did some research and found a hair salon that had the best reputation in the area. I made an appointment and waited for it to come.

Once there I told the colorist what I wanted: I nice, light blonde shade, no platinum blonde, something like a 9, with no yellow color in it. That was the most important part: no yellow blonde! That was the thing I was most afraid of: getting a horrible yellow shade. That was the reason I didn’t do want to do it by myself. So the lady listened to me and offered me a new, better color system that was less harmful for the hair. What should I know? I said that I didn’t care and as long as I would have a nice light blond shade with no yellow in it, I thought it was all good.

Two hours later I was speechless. By the result that I saw in the mirror: this horrible yellow color that I was so afraid of and as a bonus, some orange highlights. Yes it was this horrible. Normally I am really calm and try to avoid scandals, but not this time. Not when I explicitly went to the professional to avoid this kind of situations. Not when I chose the best (and the most expensive) salon in the area. So I just said “You have to re-do it. I will not go over the street with my hair looking like that.”And that was the right thing to do. So today, I will share my experience with you. Imagine you went to a beauty specialist. Or a haircutter. A colorist. Any kind of beauty master and imagine, you’re not happy with the result. What to do when hair color goes wrong? Or any other salon treatment that has just gone bad. What should you do?

  1. First things first. Start by choosing a good salon. I mean, the one where your friends have been to and have had a nice experience. The one with good (and many) reviews online. This will not guarantee 100% the good result but it will make the probability of success higher.
  2. “I would like…something…about me to be different. I am just not sure what it is exactly that I would like.” Yeah, not the good attitude. You can make sure to avoid surprises by knowing exactly what you want and communicating this to your haircutter. You can also add something that you don’t want – this might help, too. If you’re bad with explanations, take a picture of a result that you want to achieve with you. Be precise.
  3. Trust the specialist! I mean, if you came this far, there’s no point in resisting. I mean, it is really great if your friend has this gorgeous hair color and you know that she uses hair dye of brand X in the color Y but this doesn’t mean at all that you will achieve the same result with this very hair dye X in the color Y on your hair. So, have a little trust and if you want to have your friend’s (celebrity’s…) hair color, just make sure you have a picture of your desired color to show!
  4. The last but not the least. If you don’t like something, say it. This can avoid so many frustrations later! This is your body and your money you’re paying, you have the right to get a good result for that!

Speaking of my case…when I said that I didn’t like my new hair color and that it wasn’t something near the color I was hoping for, first I heard a ton of excuses. Something like “yeah but it will get lighter when your hair will be dry” and other stuff like that. Sorry but no thank you. I knew exactly that the color would be still horrible so I insisted. Another two hours later I had the perfect blond hair color. I was then really happy with the result, some people even asked me when I got my hair done. Guess what? I never said where I did it. I explained why and said that it was not something I could recommend.

Happy experiments, I hope this article will help!