Makeup brushes always cost a fortune, especially the good ones. I know they are an investment and I agree on that for the most part. But what refers to the eyeliner brushes, I couldn’t find the perfect one for a really long time. I searched and searched and bought new ones but were either too big or too fluffy or hurted my eyes…Then one day we went to a shop for painters. I saw the amount of brushes available there and suddenly an idea came to my head: why not use them as makeup brushes! I got really excited and spent the next hour searching for brushes that could fit into that role. Guess what? I found them! Here they are:

cheap brushes photo IMG_1081_zps23772cab.jpg

So as I said, I found them in a small painters shop in France and maybe you will not be able to find exactly the same brushes but  the idea is that normally these kind of brushes cost a lot less than professional makeup brushes! So go to your local painters shop and take a look! I know it can be really hard to choose. You have to look at the shape, the size and the density of a brush. Mine are all synthetic. The most loved one is this one:

budget brush tip photo IMG_1084_zps780b6fff.jpg

As you can see, it is really small! That’s why it looked so interesting to me, I never saw any makeup brand who made angled brush this small! Compared to my fingers:

eyeliner brush photo IMG_1089_zps7c8d27ce.jpg

From another angle:

budget brush tip photo IMG_1106_zpsc88434e1.jpg

This is my perfect eyeliner brush! I use it every single time I apply gel eyeliners! It applies it exactly where I want it to be and I can make the line as thick as I want it to be!

The second brush that I bought is this one. It is a very thin but quite wide one. The bristles are cut on a straight line:

budget brush tip photo IMG_1108_zps46bca995.jpg

Here a close-up:

budget brush tip photo IMG_1115_zpsd21ec70a.jpg

From another angle. As you can see, it is very thin!

budget brush tip photo IMG_1119_zpscc88b570.jpg

I can apply eyeliner with this brush, too but I still prefer the previous brush. I like to use this one for eyeshadow in the lower lash line or when I want to be really precise or want to make graphic makeup.

The last brush is an angled brush, too. Its handle is huge, it’s much longer than other brushes’!

not expensive brushes photo IMG_1097_zps15238864.jpg

It is quite big, the bristles are very dense. The angle is quite big.

eyeliner brush photo IMG_1101_zps8b3ecdad.jpg

As you can see, it is very thin.

eyeliner brush photo IMG_1104_zps4cd25249.jpg

This brush can be perfectly used as an eyeliner brush, too. I use whenever the first brush is dirty. You can draw precise and thin lines with it but as the handle is really long, it’s a bit harder to use.

Voilà today’s beauty tip, I hope it will be useful for some of you! Tell me about the affordable brushes that you know, it’s always interesting!