Last week we were at friends’, had a great day with lots of fun and good food. One of our friends is a nutritionist, so I had the chance to chat with her about food. She gave me some healthy diet tips and I’d like to share them with you!

I must say that the advice she gave me are specialized for French people. I was quite surprised about some things she told me as frankly I thought it was the other way around! Also, some things she said…well, they just don’t work for me. Anyway, I think the best way to keep healthy weight is to choose the system that works best for you. So keep in mind that the following advise are not the one and only 100% true, this is more like something to think about.

diet tips

  1. Doing sports. Of course, I think if you want to lose weight/keep your healthy weight you have to understand that this is just inevitable. There’s no serious specialist who will tell you that it’s ok if you don’t do sports.
  2. The second thing she told me shocked me quite a lot: she said the best thing was to eat 3 times a day only! So no snacks, nothing in between the meals! In the Netherlands the official health campaign is different. There they promote the healthy snacks like apples and fruit! In Russia people always say it’s best if you eat very often (like 5 times a day) but you eat a little bit every time. As I said, I think the best thing is to choose something that works best for you! For me, I prefer eating very often but not a lot. If a skip a meal I know I will it too much next time I’m around food!
  3. French people love bread and a good baguette is seen like a god by them. Of course, French bread stands equal for baguettes, croissants and other kinds of white bread. Whiter than white, I would even say, with no cereals or anything in it. So our friend said that it’s best to eat whole meal bread. I totally agree on this one! Besides, I like the taste much better.
  4. The next thing she said shocked me quite a lot, too. I thought it was always best to avoid carbs, especially in the evening. She said the best was to balance your food and take a bit of all the food groups with every meal (by food groups I mean carbohydrates, proteins and fats). That’s very interesting!
  5. The core thing for me was the way people should change their habits. Our friend said that to achieve result, you should change 1 habit at a time. So, if you want to lose weight, start by doing sports. Then, when you feel like it has become your habit, choose another target, like start eating whole meal bread instead of white bread. When you’re used to that, start drinking tea without sugar in it. And so on. I think this is genius! Me, I started by sports. Since we came back from China I stopped doing sports, so I felt tired and had no energy. We started going to gym couple of weeks ago and I feel so much better already! My next target is to eat dark chocolate instead of milk and white (no chocolate at all is not an option for me, haha!).
  6. She also said that some people do ‘detox’, ‘body cleanse’, ‘juicing’ and other stuff. Our friend said it was the worst thing you could do! She said that the best way is just try to eat healthy all year around. It’s ok if you eat a dessert every now and then. But it’s unacceptable if one week you eat very fat food and the next you eat nothing at all!

healthy diet tips

This is everything that I wanted to share with you today! I hope this article will be helpful. Let me know what healthy diet tips you know! Have a great weekend!