Question of this week:

Hi Anna!!I watched your video,how you cleanse your face in the morning and in the evening.and the products that you said that you liked a lot bioderma I went to buy it but then I saw that it says it’s for oily skin. I have combination skin.does it mean it’s not for me?but you say that it doesn’t dry your skin out.I’m not sure, what to you say?should I buy it or maybe I should choose another bioderma cleanser?


The cleansing gel that you’re talking about – bioderma sebium – is really one of the best cleansing gels I’ve ever tried. It cleanses very well and doesn’t dry my skin out at all! Many other gels that are supposed to be mild and are meant for normal skin were much harsher for my skin than this one! My skin is combination/normal, sometimes dehyrated.

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