It’s been some time since I posted an update! I decided to do keep you up to date as we’ve been travelling a lot recently and there is more coming, as we’re leaving France after New Year! I want to keep it secret where we’re going to for now!

So the time in France is pretty full with events, family visits and other nice stuff. The most important for me was my first makeup artist job! I was so nervous but in the end it was so cool! I am planning on posting some photos and a video on my blog soon (actually I would have done it sooner it’s just that I have more than 1000 photos and a couple of hours of video to go through, haha)! I did post some photos on my Instagram, just as a teaser ;)

Backstage at Chaumont Wedding Event. This was a fashion show of evening and wedding fashion.

chaumont salon du mariage

The wedding dress is created by Patrice Dormont (Métamorphoz Coiffure Chaumont), who also created all the hair styles. The other dresses are created by Manon Darras (Manon Darras).

I also filmed a short backstage video!

As for my creations, I only took a picture of this little princess on my phone, you’ll have to wait for the rest!

I also did some room decor, I found this pretty jewelry box that we attached on the wall, finally my jewelry is well organized! We’ll only have to print out the photos and personalize it completely.

jewellery box

And I filmed a lot of videos yesterday! Yay!

fotd christmas look

Voilà my little update! What fun things have you done recently?