It’s been again some time since I posted an update for my wishlist! The last time I did it was before we left for China! These were the products:

  1. MAC 165 brush.
  2. Dior bronzer! It looks like this:

    dior bird of paradise bronzer

    Dior Diorskin Nude Tan Paradise Duo Summer Look

  3. I need an eye cream! I am thinking about trying out an Asian one like the one from Mizon or Laneige.
  4. I also need something for my face (cream).
  5. I just have to have one of those crazy Asian gadgets! I just have to decide which one: that helps penetrate cream better or the cleansing one or the pore sucking thing…:D

So for the products that were on my wishlist back then, I actually didn’t score a lot…#1, the brush – I still can’t find it, #2 the bronzer – I missed it in Duty Free shops and then we were in China so I didn’t dare to order anything online and I couldn’t find any department stores for some time and when I did it was too late, the limited edition bronzer was already gone!

#3: an eye cream, finally I bought Estee Lauder, which was ok and now I am completely happy with my Collistar…I should write a review by the way, I’ve been using it non-stop since August so I’ve used it long enough to write a review! In 3 words: it’s really good!

#4: Finally I found out that I took another Embryolisse with me so that’s the cream I used up first and now I discovered Biodermal! I’m still very happy with it!

#5: I got eyelid stickers (don’t really use them anymore), curling brush and some other gadgets for my hair (which I don’t really use).

So as to the products that are on my wishlist, I have the following products on it!

  1. The same old MAC 165 brush, can’t find it anywhere! One day it’ll be mine hehe.
  2. Mason Pearson brush! I recently discovered about their existence and now I can’t sleep! Because while I was doing my research I found reviews like this:mason pearson reviewI mean, wow! Of course as soon as I’ve read it I needed it right away! The only thing that I’m not sure about is which brush would be best for me…I’m doubting between the famous Junior model (bristle and nylon) and the ones that are made purely of bristles. My hair is really thin but everyone loves this Junior one so much! So I’m still looking for reviews, if you are using a Mason Pearson brush let me know which one it is and how you like it!
  3. A new curling iron. Even though I just bought a new one, I am thinking about buying a standard 1-inch curling iron. Maybe something like this:wahl 1 inch 25mm curling ironThis one is from Wahl.
  4. I’m really into hair tools recently, haha! What I also see a lot now is this innovative curling tool! I wonder if it works really well…have you tried it?babyliss perfect curlThis tool is called Babyliss Perfect Curl.
  5. Professional makeup from Makeup Atelier. I love this brand! For now I only have 1 pigment and 1 eyeshadow palette by this brand and the quality is absolutely amazing!!! I want more and more! They have great pigmentation and the colors….I love them!

What is on your wishlist?