Do you wear any makeup when you go to GYM? I do! I always want to look perfect. At the same time, I want to take care of my skin and make sure it looks beautiful. For me I found a middle way! These are the products that I need to achieve it:

makeup gym photo IMG_0202_zps56f9477b.jpg

On the photo above are (almost) all the products that I normally use before going to sport. I do the same makeup pretty every time (except that I sometimes skip the eyeliner and the black eye pencil and just apply some mascara). So, to create this look, I needed the following:

  • (not on this photo) Transparent skin care powder by Naris up. I wrote a review about this product a couple of days ago. Actually, this is an acne care night powder: you are supposed to apply it before going to bed, that way it makes sure your skin stays clean. Recently I discovered another way to use it: during sports! It mattifies my face and makes sure no blemishes appear. Perfect! It doesn’t give any color.
  • Facial concealer MAC Studio Finish. Mine is in shade NC20. It lasts a long time. I apply it on the blemishes when I have any.
  • La Prairie under eye concealer. It doesn’t cover a lot but it does cover everything that I need. Plus, it stays right where I applied it!
  • Eyeliner MAC Fluidline in Blitz & Glitz. It is super long lasting, doesn’t go anywhere. I love it!
  • Black eye pencil from YSL. I apply it on the water line and in between the lashes to make them fuller. As you could have guessed, this is a really long lasting product too, even when I washed my face I can still see it on my waterline, I really have to use a makeup remover to make sure it’s gone.
  • Catrice better than false lashes mascara. It’s so good! Even after the sauna, I don’t look like a panda, haha!
  • Eye brow gel from e.l.f. My packaging has broken a long long time ago, there was also a part with transparent gel. But that’s ok, I like the gel itself a lot, it gives a natural look to my eye brows. Mine is in Dark.
  • Lip pencil by essence. If you want your lips to look beautiful throughout the whole day, just apply some lip liner! Besides, as it gives a more matte finish than any lipstick or lipgloss, it looks much more natural. Perfect for the gym! I used shade which is called Satin Mauve 06.

That’s it! This is how I go to the gym:

makeup gym photo IMG_0197_zps0d5a6efc.jpg

This my the eye makeup.

makeup gym photo IMG_0199_zpse131385b.jpg

Eyeliner is perfect for any occasion!

makeup gym photo IMG_0198_zpsb63d454e.jpg

My skin may be not perfect and a bit red but I think that’s ok. What’s more important is that it stays clean and acne-free, so no foundation for me!

makeup gym photo IMG_0196_zps66b83924.jpg

Do you wear any makeup when you do sports?