Recently the skin care with animal and natural extracts are becoming more and more popular. Snake venom, snail essence…I tried a snail cream once and liked it a lot. When we were in Hong Kong, I had the possibility to try all kinds of popular Korean brands. The lovely lady in one of the shops told me that I should try this. According to her, Hanskin Snail Capsule Essence did wonders for the skin, especially for the ones with problem skin! Of course I had to try it out!

hanskin snail capsule essence photo IMG_9745_zps97012aba.jpg

It comes in a nice white carton box. The bottle itself is made of matte glass so it makes it really heavy. I do think it looks nice though! There is 40 ml of product in it.

hanskin snail capsule essence photo IMG_0050_zpsd704e6db.jpg

Here is a description from the back side of the packaging:

 photo IMG_9747_zpsa417722d.jpg

The opening is very hygienic, I like packaging like this for the skin care.

hanskin snail capsule essence photo IMG_0051_zps98c54770.jpg

The serum itself has a very light texture and no color. It is more a gel, glides easily over the skin and gets absorbed quickly.

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My Opinion:

I’ve been using it for some time now and I can tell you that it did clean my skin. I apply it twice a day. As it dries my skin out, I only apply it on the trouble zones where I have large pores, black spots and sometimes pimples. My skin looks cleaner and smoother now and it also helps pimples to heal faster. I am not impressed though, this product is not unique as there are a lot of products with similar effect on the market. So as this serum is hard to get by in Europe, I would say it is not worth searching for it online. If you are by any chance in Hong Kong while you read this post, then take a look!

Overall note: B.

Where you can buy it:

Hong Kong (I bought it in a small shop for 350HKD), Korea. Online: Koreadepart.