I love skin care products, I love testing them and I always hope to find something even better. I’ve heard about professional skin care brands and I always wondered if they were really much better than the ‘standard’ ones. I’ve been using professional hair care products for quite a long time and I can tell you for sure: they are much better than the normal ones. So finally I was ready to test some professional skin care. My choice fell on an Israeli brand Holy Land Cosmetics. I’m going to tell you something about this brand and the products that I’ve tried. Because I’ve tried pretty a lot of them, I decided to separate this post into 2 parts.

So first, what does it mean exactly: ‘professional skin care brand’? It means that the products are stronger and contain working ingredients in bigger concentration that the ‘standard’ skin care products. You can better ask your esthetician which products will work best for your face. Also, often you have to use them exactly as it says on the packaging and sometimes it’s also quite different from what you can be used to. This particular brand, Holy Land Cosmetics got me interested as it had many very good reviews from girls with problem skin like mine. So of course I decided to try it out.

As they have a lot of different products I decided to ask a professional for help. I went to a salon and did Holy Land profound facial cleansing. It was really good! I liked it a lot; my skin looked really great after it. The esthetician gave me a list of products she thought could work for me and I bought them all. I had day and night cream, toners, cleanser, peeling cream and a mask. It was some time ago that I tested these products so unfortunately I can’t find the photos anymore. But if you google the names you should be able to find them easily.

Holy Land C the success cleanser

So let’s start from cleansing. The esthetician said the best product to remove my makeup with in the evening would be Holy Land C the success cleanser. It contains vitamin C, it’s supposed to be a very soft cleansing gel that could be perfect for even dry, sensitive and dehydrated skin and also for the eyes.

My opinion: This cleansing gel is really gentle but I didn’t like using it to remove my makeup with. As I showed in you one of my previous videos, I always remove the makeup from my eyes separately and I like first removing the makeup with a micellar water and only then with a cleansing gel. When I tried only using Holy Land C the Success Cleanser, I didn’t feel like my skin was clean, I had to wash my face twice. It doesn’t remove mascara, it just smudges it. Brr. But that’s still not the worst part: the worst part is that I had pimples after using this cleanser! This could be due to vitamin C, I noticed before that my skin doesn’t like this ingredient. Of course, I stopped using this product.

My note: 2 out of 5.

A-Nox Sugar Soap

For the morning I was supposed to use a special cleansing soap for problem skin: A-Nox Sugar Soap. This ‘soapless soap’ is perfect for problem skin, it contains sucrose and lemon juice which are supposed to make the pimples heal faster.

My opinion: This soap is just a basic soap that stinks! And it dried my skin out badly. It didn’t make my skin any better so I ended up using it to cleanse my brushes.

My note: 2 out of 5.

Super Lotion

After your skin is clean, you have to use a toner. I’ve read so many great reviews for Super Lotion that I couldn’t wait to try it out. This is probably one of the brand’s most known products. It is supposed to dissolve what’s inside your pores and make it easier to clean them thoroughly.

My opinion: Another loser for me. I can’t use it in the morning: it doesn’t get absorbed at all and it feels like my skin is under a plastic film. My face was so shiny! It was horrible. If I used it in the evening, it just clogged my pores…

My note: 2 out of 5.

Holy Land C the Success Cream

Then hydration. The first cream that I tried out was Holy Land C the Success Cream. It is supposed to hydrated your skin, replenish it and make the arteries stronger.

My opinion: This cream is very greasy and thick, it didn’t get absorbed and….clogged my pores! I ended up using it for my feet.

My note: 2 out of 5.

Alpha-Beta & Retinol Restoring Cream.

The night cream that I supposed to use was the very popular ABR Restoring Cream. I liked the description a lot: it said that it will renew the skin cells during the night, making my skin perfect. It sounded like a miracle!

My opinion: in reality it was much less so. As you could have guessed, it clogged my pores. But it did that in a really miraculous way, like no other cream ever did for me. My skin was just worse than ever! I’ve used another cream with a similar action, Filorga Sleep & Peel and that was a really good one, my skin was like new.

My note: 2 out of 5.

So now you’ve read all that you’re probably thinking: wow, I’ll avoid this brand. But they have some good products, I will tell you about them the next time!