Asian makeup and skin care products are really popular at the moment. Not only the BB creams but many others. I wonder why that is: is it because they’re just something different and new (at least the packaging can be really different, completely not what we in Europe are used to) or is it because they really are better. When we lived in China, I wanted to try out as many products as possible. Today I will tell you what I think of Naris Up Acmedica Acne Care Night Powder.

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Acne…it troubles so many people, makes them cry at night and hate themselves. Well first: don’t do that! We can fix it. My skin is in a much better shape than it was once but I still have some pimples every now and then. So what I need is find skin care products that will keep my skin clean and neat, blemish-free. And also make the already existing blemishes disappear faster. I got interested by Naris Up Acmedica Acne Care Night Powder right away: I have never seen a night skin care powder before. Besides Naris Up is a Japanese brand, and I trust that. Advanced technologies, that kind of stuff…and it doesn’t matter to me that this powder is mainly made of simple talc! Well, actually the ingredients and description on the packaging are all in Japanese but I found one review with ingredients list in English. As I can’t check it myself or understand what it says, we just have to trust the author.

So, the ingredients list of Naris Up Acmedica Acne Care Night Powder:

[spoiler]Talc, Mica, Polymethyl Methacrylate, PTFE, Zinc Laurate, Hydroxyapatite, Dimethicone, Zinc Oxide, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Sulfur, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract, Chamomilla Recutia Flower Extract, Hypericum Perforatum Extract, Tilia Cordata Flower Extract, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juce Powder.[/spoiler]
Click on the “show” button to see the ingredients list.
So as you can see, this powder is mainly made of talc. There is one silicone in it (dimeticone) and parabens. These are the bad stuff. The good stuff that are in there are different kinds of plant extracts (calendula, chamomile, aloe and others).

Naris Up Acmedica Acne Care Night Powder: Product Description

Naris Up Acmedica Acne Care Night Powder absorbs excess sebum and helps to keep your skin refined and smooth. Suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. Transparent powder does not make your clothes and pillow dirty.

Why are they talking about pillows? Well, like I said before: this is not a makeup but a skin care product; it’s a powder you have to apply at night after your toner and cream. Night is the time that it should do its thing!


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As for the packaging, it’s pretty standard for a loose powder: a pot with a fluffy sponge inside. The sponge is pretty big, soft and fluffy. It feels so soft on the skin! The powder itself is transparent. There are 7 grams of product in it.

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Naris Up Acmedica Acne Care Night Powder: My Opinion

Frankly…I don’t know. It dries my skin out a bit. When I apply it at night – yes, my skin does look better overall. Maybe it’s because it really controls sebum secretion so that there are less pimples. I’ve been asking myself a question: what is the clue? Is it because this powder is so great? Or is it more the idea of applying a mattifying powder before going to bed? I’m not sure as I haven’t tested it. This powder is an Asian product, so I doubt you can find it offline. You can easily find it online though and as the price is quite low (US$5.40 plus shipping) why not try it out? My verdict: not bad at all!

Overall Note: B.

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