Every year when December comes, I start feeling like Christmas! I always make a list of gifts, I think of what dishes I could make for the celebration. And of course I always think of what I’m going to wear! I love wearing beautiful fancy dresses, doing fancy glowy makeup and choosing the accessories. So today I would like to share my outfit ideas with you!

In Russia, people choose the outfits (makeup, home decor and even food!) according to Chinese Calender. I’ve read that 2014 is a year of a Blue Wooden Horse. It’s a little tradition that people always follow and I thought it was funny to share it with you! So, what shades does 2014 Horse like?

1. As year 2014 is a year of a blue wooden horse, so of course, you can wear all shades of blue!

You can go for simple but chic:

в чем встречать новый год 2014

Simple, elegant dress. From Pinterest

Синее платье до колена

Knee-length blue dress. From Pinterest


Lace is more popular than ever. Why not choosing it for your outfit?

party outfit ideas for christmas

Blue lace gown. From Pinterest

Elegant dress with lace details.

Elegant dress with lace details.

If you decided to be a star of the evening, you can go for something really chic.

Chic evening gown with glitter

Chic evening gown with glitter. Elie Saab

2. As green is the color of wood according to the Chinese calendar, you can also wear a green dress!

chic dress

This chic dress is perfect for a special occasion like Christmas or New Year!

3. Or you can mix blue and green together!

turquoise dress

Jenna Dewan.

gorgeous evening gown

Isn’t it gorgeous?

4. Think of the natural horse colors: grey, sand, black, brown.

chic brown dress


5. If you’re going to do a theme party, this year is perfect to do a cowboy party!

Cowboy party outfit.

Cowboy party outfit.

Pretty cowgirl outfit!

Pretty cowgirl outfit!

6. A horse is a beautiful and elegant animal and I think you could use that for the outfit. Also, you can add some horse accessories:

Horse pendant.

Horse pendant.

I hope that this article will inspire you and help you to make your choice!