Question of this week:

I love how the real roses smell. Like in the garden, fresh…do you now any perfume with a scent of real roses?


I understand you really well as many…well, almost all ofthe fragrances with rose notes that I ever tested didn’t have anything to do with real roses. They were so…old-fashioned, dusty, too heavy, not fresh enough. I hate rose fragrance, rose oils and everything that has to do with roses in the perfume. But I love how real roses smell! The only fragrance that I ever tried that was with roses and that I absolutely adore is Rose Ikébana Hermessence. It’s so clean, fresh and the roses in it smell amazing! The real queen of the flower, not the one that you found dried up in your grandma’s closet. Rose Ikebana also has the following notes: rose of course, citrus (lemon and orange), rhubarb, tea, cassia, spices, musk, fruity notes. The only downpoint is the price. As Hermessence is the luxury perfume line of Hermès, the prices are cruel: Rose Ikebana costs 180 euro for 100ml. But frankly, it is so worth it!

The other fragrance that is a bit like it and will not leave you poor is Kelly Caleche from Hermès. Some even say they’re really similar! You can try it out.

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