I love changing my routine, wearing different products depending on the season. Not only the foundations which should be more hydrating in the cold season but also powders, eye shadow (l love wearing heavy smoky eyes in the winter while in the summer sometimes I don’t do any eye makeup at all) and of course nail polishes. I’ve got different favorites for every season and today I would like to share with you my top 5 winter nail polishes.

top 5 winter nail polishes photo IMG_0122_zps44acf1f3.jpg

I’ve photoshopped the picture above…without doing it explicitly, it looks like there’s some frozen ice on it. In reality, the nail polishes look like this: Here I applied them all and added the names.

top 5 winter nail polishes photo IMG_0138_zpsb2f8a077.jpg

Let’s start with my pinkie.

1. MAC – Everything That Glitters

This is one of MAC’s previous limited editions. You can read the full review here. This is the polish for the winter time: the glitter reminds me of Christmas tree decoration and the almost black base is the color of the winter sky. It gets dark really early in the winter so this polish to me is a warm, cozy indoor winter evening with a nice scented candle, warm chocolate and Christmas tree!

mac everything that glitters photo IMG_0113_zps82083c41.jpg

2. NYC – Full Metal Jacket 002

The second polish fits perfectly for any party. I also use it a lot as an accent for one of the fingers or for any nail art tutorials. Actually, I use this polish a lot for nail tutorials! It so happens that I’ve done 3 nail tutorial for now and I used this polish for 2 out of 3 (hearts, double French manicure).

nyc full metal jacket photo IMG_0109_zpsee62c1c0.jpg

3. OPI – The Spy Who Loved Me

This polish is the most Christmassy of them all and probably my favorite nail polish ever! It’s so bright, red with golden glitter, it makes it so fancy! You can read the full review here.

opi the spy who loved me photo IMG_0108_zps9dd01959.jpg

4. Rimmel Lycra Pro – 400 Blue Vogue

This one is perfect for ‘any other winter day’. It’s so profound and dark, during a grey day it looks almost black. But under electrical light you can see the shimmer. It looks gorgeous with a matte top, too. But I love it the most in the days when the sun shines: there we can see the full beauty of the shimmer! I’m wearing Rimmel 400 Blue Vogue in this video.
rimmel 400 blue vogue photo IMG_0101_zpse27de39b.jpg

rimmel 400 blue vogue

5. Chanel Black Pearl 513

Black Pearl…so classy, stylish, it is perfect for a sophisticated night look. This is Chanel and it’s more than 1000 words.

chanel black pearl nail photo IMG_0116_zps9fbc7737.jpg

Unfortunately this nail polish is an old limited edition, I’m not sure you can still find it. I do have another nail polish that looks a bit like Chanel Black Pearl 513: Essence 122 Chic Reloaded:

 photo IMG_0119_zpsae16cdbb.jpg

So here are my top 5 winter nail polishes! What are yours?