I love Naked palettes by Urban Decay. Frankly, if I have to choose 1 eye shadow palette it will be probable one of those. I already have Naked 2 and Naked Basics and I use them every single day! Even if I wear other eye shadows, I still add some colors from Naked palettes. In the crease, in the eye corners or under the eye brow…So when I’ve heard that they launched the new Naked 3 palette, I was counting down the days to go and get it! Normally I don’t really care about the new collections but this time I just couldn’t resist! So as soon as I spotted Urban Decay Naked 3 in the Instagrams of the French bloggers, I knew which shop I should run to. Here it is:

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0267_zpsc29df3b3.jpg

As well as its younger sister Naked Basics, Naked 3 comes in a carton box. Here is the description:

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0270_zps31e6df3f.jpg

As well as the last time, there is a brush inside. Also I found this weird thing:

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0271_zps6f20adb4.jpg

It turned out to be 4 tiny samples for eyeshadow primer. Naked 1 included a primer miniature, Naked 2 – mini lip gloss and Naked 3 only has 4 tiny samples!

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0273_zpsb77a7096.jpg

This is how it looks like from the inside. You see how tiny they are! If you still don’t know what this is: this is Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in 4 different versions: Original (the one I always use myself, it doesn’t give any color), Eden (matte), Sin (shiny), и Anti-Aging (removes wrinkles).

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0275_zpsbf7c5be8.jpg

The palette itself is the same as in the case with Naked 2 in a tin packaging. It also has the same amount of product in it: 12 х 1,3 grams (thus making a total of 15,6g). Or in fl.oz.: 12 x 0.05 US oz making a total of 0.6 US oz.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0279_zpsc635743c.jpg

The packaging do differ a bit in the shade: Naked 3 is more bronze, besides they added some weird design to the top…at first I even thought the box was broken.

urban decay naked 3 naked 2 photo IMG_0282_zpse8923f81.jpg

Inside nothing has changed: the same big mirror (by the way, on the photo I haven’t removed the protective film yet) and a brush.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0285_zps4383623c.jpg

The eye shadows look like this! Pink this time! The brush is a bit different by the way. The fluffy part is shorter and has denser bristles. It’s made of the same material as the brush from Naked 2.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0294_zps13b2cbb8.jpg

A bit closer, the eyeshadows from Naked 3 palette:

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0292_zps9b526578.jpg

Naked 3 comparing to Naked 2 (Naked 3 above, Naked 2 below):

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0300_zps3bf27c84.jpg

Naked 3 comparing to Naked 2 (Naked 3 above, Naked 2 below). I took a couple of pictures because the sun was shining so brightly today and it was really hard to capture the true colors.

urban decay naked 3 naked 2 photo IMG_0307_zpsada52804.jpg

urban decay naked 3 naked 2 photo IMG_0306_zps95fe4e37.jpg

All the three Naked palettes that I’ve got. Naked Basics on the left, Naked 3 above, Naked 2 below.

urban decay naked 3 naked 2 naked basics photo IMG_0311_zpsbae5ee9b.jpg

Now the swatches!

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0322_zps265710c9.jpg

Strange is a very light, neutral pinkish white shade with a satin finish. It is very dense and gives good coverage so it can really lighten out your eye lids.

Dust is a light pinkish beige with a golden touch and white shimmer. Dust has metallic finish. It’s the most shiny shade of all the Naked 3 shades. If we’re talking about champagne color (light shimmery golden white), I would say that Dust is like “champagne rosé“.

Burnout is a pretty light coral beige with pearl finish.

Limit is a matte brown/mauve with a lot of pink. It’s pretty light, too.

Buzz is a medium shade, it’s like copper with a lot of pink and silver shimmer.

Trick is a very intense and pigmented copper shade with golden shimmer.

Nooner is a matte pinkish medium brown.

Liar is a chocolate brown pearl with pink. It reminds me of hot cacao with milk and marshmallows.

Factory: if Liar is milk chocolate, Factory if not dark then with higher cocoa percentage than Liar. It’s darker and more intense, the most pigmented shade of all. Just a tiny bit will be enough for the whole eye lid. It has a gorgeous brown shimmer.

Mugshot is a shimmery brown, lighter than Factory and less pink than Liar.

Darkside is a very interesting shade. Even if it’s less pigmented than some other shades, it got to me: it looks plain grey in the box but once applied it becomes a gorgeous lilac greyish brown with shimmer.

Blackheart finally not just a simple matte black shade! It has a black base with amazingly beautiful pinkish red glitter that look beautiful in the sun. With a flash Blackheart looks dark purple and not black.

Overall, all the shades from Naked 3 are clearly pink.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0323_zps80dd526a.jpg

In the sunlight the eyeshadows look even more beautiful. I tried to take a nice picture of that:

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0353_zps2f2735d1.jpg

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0354_zps6f0afd00.jpg

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0352_zpsfcdf4809.jpg

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0347_zps04a7b936.jpg

Now let’s compare the shades from Naked 3, Naked 2 and Naked Basics palettes. I tried to choose the shades that looked alike. Here are the lightest ones: W.O.S from Naked Basics, Strange from Naked 3, Foxy from Naked 2/Naked Basics. You can see very well that Strange gives more coverage, the other 2 are more transparent. Strange is lighter and cooler than W.O.S and much less yellow than Foxy.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0326_zps0972a30a.jpg

Here is Burnout from Naked 3 vs. Chopper from Naked 2. Burnout is more pink, like rose gold, while Chopper is more coppery.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0331_zps2c039cee.jpg

Buzz from Naked 3, Trick from Naked 3 and Chopper from Naked 2. Buzz is more pink, Trick is more coppery, Chopper is lighter and less brown.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0332_zps9d3a3d37.jpg

Now the matte shades. Nooner from Naked 3, Tease from Naked 2, Naked 2 (this is the shade’s name!) from Naked Basics and Faint from Naked Basics. Nooner is much more pink, Naked 2 is lighter and more grey, Faint is a classic matte brown and the darkest shade of the four.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0339_zps9b2b2e02.jpg

The shiny ones! This was a bit harder to classify. Snakebite from Naked 2, Liar from Naked 3, Factory from Naked 3, Mugshot from Naked 3 and YDK from Naked 2. Liar is the pinkest shade of the 5, Mugshot is a bit more brown and less pink than Liar, YDK is less brown and more coppery than Mugshot, Factory is a darker and more intense brown and Snakebite is a bronze shade, clearly more yellow than the other ones.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0343_zps0e2a3898.jpg

Last but not the least, the grey ones. Pistol from Naked 2, Darkside from Naked 3. Pistol is more grey, Darkside is a mauve with lila, it’s a warmer brown.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0345_zps9e6e280f.jpg

My opinion:

What refers to the quality, Urban Decay is on the top just as usual. Great pigmentation, durability. If Naked 3 is an unique palette? Well, I think it’s the most unique of the three as it offers a great range of pinkish shades. You either love it or hate it and I love it, I think pinkish shades look great on me and they give me this sophisticated look. There’s no much difference but I can see it on myself, with the eye shadows from Urban Decay Naked 3 palette I look more intriguing…So which palette should you choose? I think it all depends on your complexion and the effect you want to achieve. You want warmer shades? Go for Naked 1. Cooler shades – go for Naked 2. Pinker shades – go for Naked 3. If you want the ‘real nude look’, go for Naked Basics. I love my Naked palettes and I am sure I will still wear them every day, so me – I need them all!

Overall note: A+!

Where you can buy it:

lookfantastic, debenhams

Now the fun part. I created a quick makeup using a lot of eye shadows from Naked 3 palette (Strange, Burnout, Trick, Buzz, Factory, Darkside and Blackheart):

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0370_zps2bc6cafb.jpg

I also applied Chanel eye pencil in Ambre 62, Bobbi Brown eyeliner in Sepia Ink and Catrice mascara.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0367_zps641c9490.jpg

On my eyebrows I applied Dior brow pencil and I also wear Giorgio Armani loose powder.

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0362_zps425e9a4e.jpg

I love this pinkish tone that these eyeshadows give. I think it looks beautiful on me!

urban decay naked 3 photo IMG_0365_zps19504045.jpg

What do you think of Urban Decay Naked 3? Are you going to buy it?