I love low budget makeup brands and I love London because there’s so much choice for those brands! I’ve heard a lot of good stuff about Barry M so I decided to get something from this brand. Then I saw lip pencils of interesting colors that I don’t have yet so I decided – why not go wild? So I chose Barry M Lip Liner in shades 11 and 13.




barry m lip liner photo IMG_0920_zps52d491cf.jpg

Barry M Lip Liner


Outlines, shapes and defines! All our lip liners are velvety smooth with a creamy texture.

The packaging is very simple: it’s just a crayon. No fancy box, no sharpener, just the liner itself.

barry m lip liner photo IMG_0922_zps73b82785.jpg

Despite the description, the texture is actually very dry! You can see that pretty well at the picture below: the swatches are uneven and you can see some little pieces of crayon.

barry m lip liner photo IMG_1020_zpsbad96645.jpg

Barry M Lip Liner 13 Baby Pink

13 Baby Pink is a very light, milky blue-based baby pink shade. Here I applied it all over the lips:

barry m lip liner photo IMG_1031_zps9ec277d9.jpg

As you can see on the photo above, it is dry and it makes my lips look dry and uneven. On its own the color is too cool-toned and pale for me:

barry m lip liner photo IMG_1035_zps23914611.jpg

But of course, I almost never wear a lip liner on its own so I decided to apply a lipgloss on top. Here is Barry M Lip Liner 13 topped with Essence Lipgloss 14:

barry m lip liner 13 photo IMG_1039_zpsce136e88.jpg

I think the best way to wear this lip liner would be to use something like MAC lip eraser first, the apply the lip pencil and then the lipgloss or use a lipstick that is smooth and gives more coverage because as you can see on the picture below, it doesn’t give an even coverage so the bright pink color of my natural lips shines through and the lips look ‘messy’:

barry m lip liner 13 photo IMG_1047_zps1c24db0d.jpg

And here’s the whole face:

barry m lip liner 13 photo IMG_1049_zps9511ac03.jpg

Barry M Lip Liner 11 Plum

11 Plum is a very dark and intense wine color. With certain lightening it looks almost black.

barry m lip liner 11 photo IMG_1054_zps83532d58.jpg

barry m lip liner 11 photo IMG_1057_zps5017b09f.jpg

I decided to pair this lip pencil with my favorite lipstick of the moment: Catrice Play the Plum 170. They look gorgeous together!

barry m lip liner 11 photo IMG_1060_zpsf77aca60.jpg

And here’s the whole makeup!

barry m lip liner 11 photo IMG_1064_zps7de7ca74.jpg

My Opinion:

The lip liners are too dry and a bit chalky for my taste. They are pretty long-lasting though and cover the lips pretty well. You can’t wear them on their own though as your lips will look too dry. But they can be perfectly used as a primer for the lipstick or just as contour, besides I like that there’s plenty of different shades and not only the standard ones! So these liners are a good addition to my lip pencil collection. But I wouldn’t recommend them as your first one or as the lip liner that you’re going to use every day.

Overall Note: C.

Where to buy:


So, are you ready to go wild and play with some colors? ;)

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