The first thing that has to be said here: no this is not a sponsored post, and I am in no way affiliated with this brand. I’ll tell you even more, it’s not available everywhere! I don’t remember anymore where I bought it but I haven’t seen Collistar in London nor in Riga where I am now. And that makes me sad!!! Because I’ve used it up yesterday.

Initially, my mother was the one who told me about this cream and I am so happy she did because seriously this is the best eye cream I have ever tried!!!

I am pretty sure I took this cream on the picture before using it but I have no idea where these pictures are! So for now I only have this photo for you (from Collistar official website):

collistar eye cream

Collistar Eye Contour Filler Cream: Product Description

  • anti wrinkles
  • anti bags
  • anti dark circles
A specific formula enriched with a blend of botanical bioflavonoids which, as soon as it is applied, minimizes bags and dark circles and smoothes out fine lines thanks to the filler effect of the hyaluronic acid microspheres.
The synergy of botanical stem cells and the exclusive DermoCompact Complex®, has an intensive regenerating and anti-ageing action, reinforcing the eyelid tissues which become more toned, compact and less subject to slackening and the formation of wrinkles.
Velvety and very easily absorbed, the cream is recommended both in the evening, top take advantage of the benefits during sleep, and in  the morning, for an immediate lifting effect and to fight bags and the puffiness typical of waking.
Ophthalmologically tested, it respects the lachrymal pH  and is also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Well already “anti-wrinkles, bags and dark circles” sounds great to me as those 3 things are my problem!

My opinion:

The cream has a nice creamy texture. If you prefer lighter textures like gels – this cream will not be for you as you will find it too heavy. Me, I loved it! It was just perfect: not greasy, not oily, but not too light either. My eyes are super sensitive and this cream is just perfect: it doesn’t irritate them at all, didn’t make my eyelids heavy/itchy/greasy, it was just perfect. What refers to the effect, first one negative thing but the more products I try the more I confirm my opinion that no cream can help me get rid of dark circles. I didn’t see absolutely no changes with this one, too. But it did a wonderful job at hydrating my skin: I forgot how it felt when it felt like to have dry skin! The area around my eyes is so firm and pretty now I love it a lot! Do you remember I showed you what were the eyelid tapes? Well I don’t need them anymore, my eyes are now back to normal, no hanging eye lids anymore! I mean, if you have hanging eye lids from your birth then no, this cream won’t help you. I only started noticing that I had one hanging eye lid when I was in China, and that was really unpleasant as I didn’t understand why it was like that all of a sudden. Then I started using Collistar Eye Contour Filler Cream and voila it’s gone! My eyes look much more fresh now! So definitely, if you’re about my age (I’m 25) or older, if you noticed your skin needs some boost or it is extremely dry, I definitely recommend you this product!

Overall note: A.

Packaging: 5-/5, Texture: 5/5, Effect: 5/5.

Where to buy:



  • hydrating
  • anti aging effect
  • lifting
  • helped me get rid of tiny wrinkles
  • good anti puffiness action (helped me get red of my hanging eye lid)
  • great for my very sensitive eyes, no irritation whatsoever


None! Well except the fact that Collistar is not available everywhere.