Sometimes I hear girls say about someone “Ugh, she wears TOO much makeup”. We all love to look beautiful and be beautiful so we spends hours in front of the mirror doing the eye makeup, evening out the skin tone and making ourselves pretty. But how to make sure our efforts are not over the top?

Clearly, there are cases when you just know it’s over the top. A clear example:

too much makeup

But maybe some of you think “Oh no I never do makeup like this”. And then you overheard someone saying something like ‘Her makeup is way over the top’. It’s not really a nice thing to hear (nor to say by the way) so now you’re thinking “Am I really wearing that much makeup”? So I decided to help you out! I made up this checklist so that you make sure your face look fresh and pretty (even if you do wear a lot of makeup)!

Foundation Too Dark

Yep, again. Why? Because basically why people say that you wear too much makeup – because they can see that makeup on your face. And you’re only helping them if you choose a foundation that’s too dark for your skin! I know, especially if you have pimples a darker foundation might seem like a good choice but it’s so wrong! A way better choice would be a foundation that matches your skin shade + a spot concealer!

foundation too dark

Too Much Powder

Girls with oily skin beware: it won’t help if you’ll apply a ton of fixing powder hoping that your foundation will stay in place for the whole day. Wrong strategy! Your face will look like if you’re some lady from 18th century when the powders were thick and had to be applied in a thick layer! Better strategy here is apply a tiny bit of fixing powder and do several touch-ups during the day! That way your makeup will stay fresh and your face won’t look like powder battle.

white face powder

Too Much Of Everything

Yeah, that doesn’t help either. It’s great if you try to follow makeup trends but try to do that carefully. If you love thick lashes and lots of blush and you decided to go for red lips because that’s “in”, go easy on your blush and lashes, that way your face will look more natural and less loaded.

too much makeup

Too Much Color: Blend Out!

I love this picture a lot: it illustrates really well what I wanted to say! You can use the brightest blush, eye shadow and lipstick and you can make them all work for you, not against you, if you blend them out well!

too much makeup

We all know that Kim Kardashian loves wearing a lot of makeup and yet, you can’t say that she wears too much of it! Why? Because her makeup artists blend it out very well!

kim kardashian makeup

I hope my tips help you!