2013 was a year full of events for me. We traveled a lot, I discovered Asia…Let’s take a look together?


Of course January is the time to sum things up, finish old things, start new ones…and of course it’s the time for the year’s favorites!

In December 2012 we’ve been to the beautiful city of Reims, where we visited champagne house of Taittinger with my cousin and her husband who were visiting us!

And in the first week of January we’ve been to London where I was for the first time! I loved it!


No doubt, the main even of February is St. Valentine’s Day!


March was the time when the Great and Powerful Oz came out! I loved this movie a lot so I decided to do a makeup tutorial inspired by Mila Kunis’s character!


1 April is the fun day! So I decided to do a very…uhm, different video haha: “No Mirror Makeup TAG”.

Also I filmed my first vlog in April! Frankly, I still don’t really get the concept. I don’t like watching them and I don’t understand why so many people love it?

Then one day I decided to go to a beauty salon to epilate my eyebrows. This was such a mistake! But oh well, I never give up so I decided to use this opportunity to show you what you can do best in such case. By the way, this video is pretty popular, so I guess I am not the only one!


May was the time for the new periode in my life: we moved to China!




In June I decided to film a little update for our life in China!

Also I decided to share my opinion on diets with you and what I do to keep my body in shape.


Of course we discovered some new stuff in China and I decided to do a little update!

china guangzhou

And I decided to share with you how I stay positive no matter what!


August is the vacation time and many girls often ask themselves after their vacation: what can you do to repair the damaged hair?

And of course some more about China!


The most interesting event of August was our trip to Hong Kong!

hong konghong kong


The most exciting event of September for me was of course my website’s first anniversary & giveaway!

Also I filmed a video that became very popular: the non-surgical eyelid lift!

In the end of September our Chinese story came to its end. It was time to come back home!!!



After China we were mostly enjoying our families. We’ve been to Holland and Moscow in October!



November was time when we finally came back to France!

I decided to make my first lookbook video:

Also I’ve been asked to be a makeup artist for the bridal show! This was my first experience of a big show like this and I absolutely loved it!!!

makeup artist annabeautybox


In December we were invited to a Pin Up party. I decided to make a video of my outfit, hair and makeup!

But of course December is the month of Christmas! We enjoyed our Christmas with our family.


And the last week of December was devoted to packing and planning our time in Riga. Voilà this was my 2013!