It’s been again some time since I posted a beauty wishlist update! These were the products on my wishlist last time I made an update:

  1. The same old MAC 165 brush.

  2. Mason Pearson brush!

  3. A new curling iron. Even though I just bought a new one, I am thinking about buying a standard 1-inch curling iron. Maybe something like this:wahl 1 inch 25mm curling ironThis one is from Wahl.

  4. Babyliss Perfect Curl.babyliss perfect curl

  5. Professional makeup from Makeup Atelier.

Again, I didn’t buy anything of those products! :( #1, the brush – I still can’t find it, #2 the brush – I didn’t want to order it online so when we were in London I went to Liberty (it was the only place in London that I found that sold Mason Pearson brushes online! I guess I didn’t look well enough I don’t know) but anyways, when I got to Liberty they only had Mason Pearson brushes for children and pocket sized ones. And as I wanted the Junior I preferred to order it online later. Still haven’t done that though.

#3 and #4 a new curling iron…as we decided to move to Riga for another 6 months I decided this would be a total waste of money to buy it as I wouldn’t be able to take it with me anyways.

#5 Makeup Atelier makeup yeah I still want more of that but again, I much prefer the offline shopping and we haven’t been to Paris recently so I had no occasion to buy some of their stuff either, haha.

So as to the products that are on my current beauty wishlist, I have the following products on it:

  1. My main focus lately has been the skincare. I decided to completely change my skincare routine and go professional. I already have a scheme with Christina skincare products (this is the brand that I chose) and I’ve done one of Christina facial treatments at beauty salon (it was Christina Comodex and I absolutely loved it) so now I am testing her skincare products. For the moment I like everything but we’ll see!
  2. I am thinking about maybe doing the permanent makeup (I am thinking eye brows and maybe lips). I still have huge doubts though, but I am gathering information right now. Is there anyone among my readers who has experience with it? Should I do it?
  3. As I am getting married this summer and I am going to do my makeup myself I am looking for a good waterproof foundation. I am thinking maybe Estee Lauder Double Wear. But I am not sure yet, I want the very best longlasting foundation, haha!

That’s it for now actually, it’s weird but I don’t have any other beauty products that I’d like to have. Only necessities actually!

What is on your wishlist?