I told you recently that I wanted to switch to professional skincare brands. I wanted to try brands that would have good action for problem skin but wouldn’t cost like a fortune. Israeli skin care brands seem to do nice job for the ones with problem skin. Despite my fiasco with Holy Land Cosmetics I decided to still try an Israeli brand, I thought maybe Anna Lotan or Christina. Then I found a salon in Riga that specializes in Christina treatments. So the choice was made!


The most important thing with professional skincare is that you have to trust a professional to help you choose the products. Because the ingredients are more concentrated, the creams and serums are much more active than the ‘normal’ ones. So if you make a wrong choice, you can get irritation or even worse, reverse effect. Besides, your skin has to accept it so you’ll have to let your skin some time to get used to new skin care.

So, if you want to start using professional skincare products always go see a specialist first (someone who knows about the products of this brand, how they work and even more importantly, how they interact between each other). What I like to do is a cleansing treatment to see how my skin reacts and then try out some samples. Always ask for samples before purchasing the whole line of products!!!

Christina Comodex Treatment

christina comodex

As I have problem skin I did the Comodex Treatment. My skin is also dehydrated, so some steps were changed to hydrate my skin. I absolutely loved it! My skin was perfect, soft and absolutely pimple-free! The procedure was pretty standard: cleansing, then I guess it was a mask or something like that, then a toner with a really funny smell that was supposed to open up the pores, then pore cleansing, then another mask and finally a cream and a kind of foundation. This foundation is pretty good, I am sure I will buy it as soon as I run out of my BB cream that I use every day now (yes, I decided to use up things prior to buying something new). The Christina foundation that I’m talking about is called Rose de Mer Cover Cream.

christina rose de mer cover cream

My Christina Skincare Routine

Then I received a scheme for the home treatment. I repeat again, this is what the specialist recommended me, it doesn’t mean it will be good for other persons! Your skin, the climate you live in is probably very different from mine so before buying something go see a specialist to make sure you will not make your skin suffer!

So the lady that did the treatment told me that I had combination skin that was a bit dehydrated. She said that my skin was in good condition but we could make it even better! (Haha, I thought it was a nice compliment). She recommended me to use the following products:

Morning and Evening:

  • Cleansing: Christina Pure Natural Cleanser
  • Toner: Christina Unstress Stabilizing Toner
  • Serum: Christina Theraskin + HA
  • Cream: Christina Bio-Phyto Zaatar Cream
  • Eyes: Christina Muse Eye Restoring Cream (or Christina Silk EyeLift in the morning and Christina Unstress Harmonizing Eye & Neck Night Cream in the evening)

From Time to Time:

  • Mask: Christina Comodex Double Action Mask (on trouble zones)
  • Foundation: Christina Rose de Mer Cover Cream

For now I only tried the 2 eye creams (Christina Silk EyeLift and Christina Unstress Harmonizing Eye & Neck Night Cream) but I’ve only used them for a couple of weeks, I’ll write the review later. I also bought today the toner and the cream, can’t wait to test them!

Have you ever used professional skincare products?