Essence Lipliner is the best budget lip liner that I’ve ever tried! Seriously, the quality is really good. I like it more than Guerlain or Chanel liner! And I mean what I say. They are buttery but do not smudge, I can apply them without a lip balm, they don’t make my lips look like I’m 80 years old, they’re long lasting…So of course I decided to buy some other shades for my collection.



essence lipliner photo IMG_1197_zps641051e4.jpg

These shades are:

  • 03 Hot Chocolate
  • 04 Honey Bun
  • 10 Femme Fatale

essence lipliner photo IMG_1207_zpsd257fc2d.jpg

And this is how my collection looks like at this moment:

essence lipliner photo IMG_1216_zps62ffdcd2.jpg

The rest of the Essence Lipliner shades that I have are:

  • 11 in the nude
  • 05 soft berry
  • 06 satin mauve
  • 07 cute pink

Here are the swatches for all of the shades:

essence lipliner photo IMG_1221_zps5b1bd4a2.jpg

If you want to see swatches for these shades/read the full review for these lip pencils, click here. Today I will just show you how my new shades look like on me!

Essence Lipliner 03 Hot Chocolate

03 Hot Chocolate is a nude brownish warm beige shade. 11 in the nude is pinker.

Here is is on my lips:

essence lipliner photo Sanstitre-1_zps527d6eb4.jpg

And with the rest of the makeup:

essence lipliner photo IMG_1231_zpse5d3d455.jpg

This photo was taken a couple of hours later. I’ve had my lunch, had a cup of tea, drank water multiple times. I think it looks even better than right after the application: the excess is gone and the lips look smooth and pretty. So yes, Essence Lipliner is a very long lasting lip pencil! Perfect choice if you don’t want to do several touch-ups per day (special occasion, wedding, party or even just if you prefer to apply your makeup on your face and forget about it).

essence lipliner photo IMG_1235_zpsf82aeb4f.jpg

Essence Lipliner 04 Honey Bun

04 Honey Bun is a dark warm nude shade based on brown and red. It’s more brown than 05 Soft Berry and darker and more red than 03 Hot Chocolate.

essence lipliner photo Sanstitre-2_zpsed9be296.jpg

essence lipliner photo IMG_1242_zps05ffa5d0.jpg

Essence Lipliner 10 Femme Fatale

10 Femme Fatale is a cool blue-based bright red.

essence lipliner photo Sanstitre-3_zps2a605399.jpg

essence lipliner photo IMG_1269_zps71a3d464.jpg

Voilà my review for today! You should try these pencils, they are really good! And if you get bored – you can stick them into your hair, haha! :)

 photo IMG_1196_zpsb56ad239.jpg