I don’t live in the USA, so I had no idea about existence of The Biggest Loser or Jillian Michaels. I also had no idea that home fitness might be so effective! I found out about her on some forum where I accidentally read some stuff about her. So many people were going completely crazy about the workouts, people either loved it or hated it and that meant that I couldn’t stay aside. I had to try it! Even though back at the time, I didn’t like home fitness at all, I had to try it!

On the internet, when I read reviews, I understood that the best way to start was with 30 Day Shred. This is probably the most known program and as the name says, in 30 days your body will be shredded!

Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Jillian Michaels, winning trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, helps you lose big – up to 20 pounds in 30 days! Her 30 Day Shred DVD includes three 20-minute circuit-training workouts that burn mega calories and build strong, lean muscle. Each level contains a 20-minute workout based on Jillian’s exclusive 3-2-1 Strength/Cardio/Ab training circuit: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of ab work. There’s also a brief warm-up session and a cool down stretch. Follow Jillian’s program for 30 days and you will see amazing results!

So basically it works like this: you buy a DVD, there you will find workouts for 3 different levels. On day 1 you start with level 1, you continue doing it for 10 days, every day. Then you get to rest for 1 day, then you start with level 2, which you’ll be doing for another 10 days. Then 1 day of rest and you go on with level 3! In the end, you look at yourself in the mirror and you love the new self. Tada! Easy!

Well, in the reality it’s not as easy as it sounds.

30 Day Shred Level 1

When I started I was confident. Over confident maybe. “20 minutes of jumping around? Pff, I can do it. Easy!” Yeah, I was as confident right until I actually started doing it. Jillian offers us follow the easier version of exercises with Anita or the harder one with Nathalie. Let me say that I started with Nathalie and finished with Anita and even so, I was out of breath, I couldn’t do it anymore, I had to catch my breath several times and I was just TIRED. I thought about quitting several times but my pride didn’t let me. It did get better though, day 5 I was already OK with it and around day 9 it got very OK for me. And then it was time for level 2.

By the way, all the levels have a very clear structure. You start with 3 minutes of strength, then you do 2 minutes of cardio and you finish by 1 minute of ABS. You do this circle 3 times and there you go, 18 minutes of workout! Then you add a couple of minutes for a warmup and cooling down and there you go!

30 Day Shred Level 2

In the beginning of level 2 my body was already much more fit that in the very beginning. I was more confident about it and got used to Jillian Michaels style so I was eager to find out what’s waiting for me next. And then the hell began. I hate, hate, hate the plank pose movements! Which I had to do again and again, no pause, no time to catch my breath! And then all that jumping…yeah, level 2 was hard!

30 Day Shred Level 3

Level 3 was like a coutdown for me. I couldn’t wait until I would finish this program, it was just so hard! I completely take back my thoughts about home fitness being useless and easy: it’s not easy at all and when you think something like ‘oh, it starts getting doable’ you have to switch the levels and it gets hard. Again! So more jumping, more walking plank poses, more sweating…but there comes the motivating factor. The body is much more fit and sexy and I was like ‘Whoa, it works! It really does!’ Day 3 of level 3 I was already searching for other Jillian programs because even if it hurts, even if it’s hard, I just got used to everyday workouts and I needed more!

My Opinion:

I am fan! I mean, Jillian is tough. Her workouts are tough and sometimes I hated her in my thoughts but that’s the way it is and if you go through with it, it works! Your body gets a shape and all that in just 30 days! I think it’s pretty amazing! Also, before I thought that it was better not to do too many workouts per week, because I though it was demotivating and it’s hard to keep up the same way and eventually you’ll just stop doing whatsoever. But that’s not true also! Actually, I got addicted to everyday workouts! I do them in the morning and they give me a great boost for the whole day! So me, I love it! The only disadvantage to me is that I would love some more change, doing the same workout for 10 days straight gets a bit boring in the end. But I heard about her Slimdown programs so maybe I will try these!

Overall Note: A.

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