London is a beautiful city with many faces. I think everyone can feel there at home: there are so many different districts and areas with totally different atmosphere and mood. But London is one of the most expensive cities where I’ve ever been so today I decided to share some tips with you that might help you spare some money! Here are my London Tourist Tips!

Where to Stay

I think the best way is to rent an apartment for your trip. It’s a cheaper than hotels besides you will have the kitchen so you can eat a salad or warm up some meal if you want to (or even cook when you feel like it). I loved a lot our apartments at Chelsea Cloisters: the price was good, the room was good and I especially loved the disctrict. Chelsea and South Kensington is a very luxury district in zone 1. Two metro stations are close to it (South Kensington and Sloane Square), 4 museums, lots of shops and cafes like Starbucks and Pret-a-manger.

Where to Eat

There are plenty of restaurants in London, you can read the reviews and choose the one you like according to your mood and meal preferences. But there are some chain restaurants that I like:

  • Pret a Manger. They are everywhere in London, what I like is that food is good and always fresh. I think it’s the perfect tourist choice: you go there to eat and you go on then with visits that you had planned, it takes less to eat time than in a regular restaurant.
  • Eat. It’s something like Pret a Manger.

Where to Go

I will not annoy you with the list of standard things, you can easily find them on all the tourist websites. What I absolutely love in London is Camden Town. I love walking and getting lost in the streets, the shops where you can find so many interesting things, the street food (Mexican is delicious there!), the mulled wine and doughnuts. Mmm!

What are your favorite places in London?