Question of this week:

Hi! I have a question about hair irons: why didn’t you like hair irons? I wanted to give it to a friend as a gift but I don’t want to give her a bad product. I use a h.designo and I like it a lot but it’s an unknown brand. I found many good reviews for and ghd but the delivery for a ghd hair iron will take 4-5 weeks to Moscow, is it worth waiting for?


I’ll answer the main question directly: yes it is absolutely worth waiting for! You can order it at lookfantastic with free shipping but if you don’t want to wait for it that long you can take the more expensive paid shipment and you’ll have it sooner.

I like ghd hair iron because it makes my hair perfectly straight in a couple of seconds. And they stay that way until I wash my hair! When I used other hair straighteners my hair started to curl after a couple of hours so I almost never used a hair iron back then as I didn’t see any effect besides they made my hair so dry! Now I use my ghd regularly and my hair is still soft and nice, no split ends! So I recommend you ghd and only ghd!

Good luck :)

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