A couple of months ago I already made a post about my favorite budget lip products, Rimmel Apocalips or Rimmel Show Off as it’s called in France (I wonder, why do French people always change the names of things?) was one of them. Today I decided to dedicate some more attention to this beautiful lip product!




rimmel apocalips photo IMG_1339_zps9086f8e1.jpg

Rimmel Apocalips

It’s the End of Colour as you know it!
The intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhanced by a satin smooth shine.

It’s neither a lipstick nor a gloss… It’s BIGGER than both!


Rimmel Apocalips comes in 13 different shades:

  • 600 Nude Eclipse
  • 501 Stellar
  • 500 Luna
  • 400 Big Bang
  • 303 Apocaliptic
  • 301 Galaxy
  • 102 Nova
  • 101 Celestial
  • 304 Eclipse
  • 402 Across the Universe
  • 603 Shooting Star
  • 300 Out of this World
  • 401 Aurora

I’ve got 2 of them, 500 Luna and 501 Stellar.

rimmel apocalips photo IMG_1343_zps4e878b38.jpg

Here are the swatches:

rimmel apocalips photo IMG_1363_zps1504830d.jpg

The brush is actually a hard sponge with a hole in the middle. I like it a lot: it applies an exact amount of product needed and is pretty precise.

rimmel apocalips photo IMG_1353_zps69d46aa4.jpg

Rimmel Apocalips 500 Luna

500 Luna is a shiny peachy coral. The shade is quite neutral, it’s not too bright.

rimmel apocalips photo IMG_1364_zpsfc3bfa1b.jpg

You can almost call it a nude shade!

rimmel apocalips photo IMG_1367_zpsd7fa4db7.jpg

rimmel apocalips photo IMG_1377_zpsf8afa0df.jpg

Rimmel Apocalips 501 Stellar

rimmel apocalips photo IMG_0722_zpsf8e28444.jpg

rimmel apocalips photo IMG_0726_zps81996acc.jpg

501 Stellar is a bright clean cool berry pink.

rimmel apocalips stellar photo IMG_0728_zps63e28d73.jpg

It looks really great on the lips!

rimmel apocalips stellar photo IMG_0914_zps4f1f83bf.jpg

rimmel apocalips photo IMG_0913_zps246e8dcc.jpg

My Opinion:

I love absolutely everything about this lip lacquer: starting from the packaging, very nice modern design, a brush that applies the exact needed amount very precisely, the shades are nice, the colors are bright and clean, the finish which makes your lips shine. Also, this lipgloss lasts pretty a long time too: it’s definitely not like a lip pencil but it does last. It’s like a perfect combination of a lipstick that gives a nice coverage and a beautiful shiny finish of a lipgloss. Yep, definitely, I like this product a lot!

Overall Note: A.

Texture: 5/5, Longevity: 5/5, Finish: 5/5, Packaging: 5/5.

Where to buy:

Superdrug, Boots, Feelunique