Today my morning started by home fitness. I love sports, I love that feeling of control over my body, a bit sore muscles, when I am slightly tired and feel so happy, full of energy and am in a good mood after some sports! Then I went outside and I felt the spring coming…it’s not so cold anymore here, it smells like spring, the sun was shining and I was just happy. And then I thought that with spring coming this early there’s no time to waste! So I decided to make a sports week out of this week! I will review some fitness programs that I followed, will tell you what I follow now, maybe will write another article about what I eat. Let’s go!

Home Fitness

First I’ll tell you something about home fitness. For a long time I thought it was something old, out-fashioned, something that is just useless. I thought that for your fitness class to be productive, you need to do a group fitness with someone telling you what to do and motivating you or you could go to a fitness club and do a workout there or in the worst case, go jogging in a park. I was so wrong! Now home fitness is something hip, it’s cool and fun and it works!

Actually, it works really well. First I discovered Jillian Michaels and practically I got addicted! I discovered new programs and I fell more and more in love! And I must tell you: even though I regularly went to a fitness club, it was really hard in the beginning to keep up so it’s definitely not something ‘easy’!

I will tell you more in details about the programs that I followed in the next posts. Today I’ll just sum it up, why do I like home fitness:


  • it only takes half an hour a day
  • it costs almost nothing
  • you can do it at home
  • you can do it any time you want
  • you get visible results in a really short time (after 1 month already!)


  • if you always need someone to motivate you, a coach, it’s most probably not for you
  • it requires a certain amount of self discipline

How do you keep your body in shape? Let’s do it together!