Valentines Day is probably the biggest massive date night of the year! If there’s a guy that you like and he asked you for a date, probably your head is all around ‘what to wear’, ‘which lipstick should I use’, ‘what dress should I wear’ and other important questions like this. Let me help you!


As for the makeup I think the overall tendency is that it should be rather a light day makeup. It shouldn’t be too different from the ordinary. I’ve had some dates earlier when I wore a gorgeous dress and a full diva-like makeup and I felt totally overdressed when I saw my date in a simple jeans and a shirt. So use your standard day routine as a basis and add just a tiny bit more color!

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Another mistake: choosing vampy red lips. Sure, it looks so cool in the movies when there are a couple of makeup artists standing there ready to do 50 necessary touch-ups, but in real life you’re risking having your lipstick all over your mouth (and your partner’s, if you kiss). So choose rather a sexy lip gloss that gives your lips a slight color and shine.

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If you choose smoky eyes for your date night look, go easy on the eye shadow. Otherwise it might be a bit too much. Except, of course, if you wear heavy smoky eyes on a daily basis – that way it will fit perfectly.

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Not too feel over/underdressed, I think the best solution is to choose a short sexy cocktail dress. Not too short, not too open, that is comfortable and that makes you feel like a top model! Or you can go for nice trousers that slim down your legs with a cute blouse.

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I hope these tips help you and you’ll have a great date!