I made a post about my Chanel Nail Polish Collection a really long time ago, back at the time when I didn’t have my website yet, I only had my Livejournal blog. I haven’t posted it yet on this website and I decided to fix this situation! My collection hasn’t changed a lot since then, I only have 1 new Chanel nail polish: Chanel Holiday. Actually, right now I am planning to get rid of my entire nail polish collection because I don’t use them anymore as I have switched on to semi-permanent ones. It’s so much better and faster and easier! So I want to sell all of my nail polishes…Well, except the Chanel ones. Why? Because they’re different. They’re pretty and gorgeous and special…So here it is, my Chanel nail polish collection!

chanel nail polish photo DSC02805_zps86a88fbb.jpg

Here are the beauties. Even the bottle is fascinating and pretty! Of course I love this brand. But what I love even more is the style, the trend that it creates. Trendsetting, different and new!

Chanel 529 Graphite

The first beauty is a 2011 summer limited edition, Chanel 529 Graphite. First I thought that there could be nothing worse than glitter nail polish. Now I think that there could be nothing better than glitter nail polish! There’s real chemistry going on there: all we know, the chemical structures of Graphite and Diamond are pretty alike and this nail polish shines like a diamond and is so pretty!

chanel graphite nail polish photo DSC02814_zpsed68913d.jpg

I lost the ring on this photo by the way…I liked it so much!

chanel graphite nail polish photo DSC02574_zpsbae16bb2.jpgChanel 529 Graphite – is a transparent-greyish base with lots of silver and dark grey glitters.

Chanel 531 Peridot

Chanel 531 Peridot is a chameleon nail polish. It’s pretty amazing actually, it turns from golden to green shades and sometimes even a bit blue. Very chic one!

chanel peridot nail polish photo DSC02813_zpsbe3faec0.jpg

With the flash:

chanel peridot nail polish photo DSC02563_zpsf44be673.jpg

chanel peridot nail polish photo DSC02566_zps36bd3a0e.jpg

Chanel Mat Top Coat

Then we have a mat top coat, Chanel Beaute des Ongles Velvet Mat Top Coat. This is actually more like a pretty toy, very nice to use but absolutely not necessary.

chanel mat top coat photo DSC02812_zpsc82f7037.jpgChanel 08 Pirate

Chanel 08 Pirate. This is a bright red polish with a touch of pink, I love it for my toes. It’s pretty on the hands, too though. Love it!

chanel pirate nail polish photo DSC02811_zpse2ca2944.jpgchanel pirate nail polish photo DSC02712_zpsd2be2d1a.jpg

chanel pirate nail polish photo DSC02768_zps0c819cd3.jpg

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Chanel 513 Black Pearl

Chanel 513 Black Pearl. This one from Chanel Spring 2011 Collection. Black Pearl, that’s it! It really looks a lot like liquid pearl on the nails. I love wearing it with dark smoky eyes and soft red lips.

chanel black pearl nail polish photo DSC02810_zps934b4ebd.jpgchanel black pearl nail polish photo IMG_4254_zps6899671b.jpgchanel black pearl nail polish photo IMG_4262111_zpsffbc4336.jpgchanel black pearl nail polish photo DSC02760_zpsd820c7c6.jpg

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Chanel 509 Paradoxal

Chanel 509 Paradoxal. This is the last beauty that I have! It’s purple with almost invisible shimmer. The softest shade from all, it’s very elegant.

chanel paradoxal nail polish photo DSC02809_zpscfe15a77.jpgchanel paradoxal nail polish photo DSC02800_zpse78c3b35.jpgchanel paradoxal nail polish photo DSC02788_zps148c28bd.jpg

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Overall Opinion:

Finally I could tell you following. I like the brush and the way that Chanel nail polishes apply. But they don’t last at all on my nails! And the price is elevated of course. Nevertheless, I love them!