What is ‘beautiful skin’? I think beautiful skin means smooth, even, clean skin. Of course we cleanse it every morning and night, use toner. But this is not enough! Every now and then we should do something more profound. Like using a scrub or a peeling.  It removes the dead skin cells, lets our skin breathe, the active ingredients from the serum or a cream get absorbed easier. So today I will talk about a product like this: Clarins Gentle Peeling.

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Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream

Suitable for even the most delicate skin, the instantly effective Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream exfoliator purifies the skin and lifts dulling dead skin cells away gently. It leaves skin smoother, softer and brighter, with tightened pores and a refined texture.

Use once or twice a week by smoothing product onto a clean face whilst avoiding the eye contour. Leave for one minute, then exfoliate by rolling away the peel in light stroking motions. Rinse well with warm water.

Natural gentle exfoliating clay absorbs and eliminates impurities
Extracts of Primrose and burdock soothe

My Opinion:

This peeling is really easy to use, it cleanses well but doesn’t dry my skin out. At least my skin feels nice. But sometimes my nose starts to peel off after I’ve used Clarins Gentle Peeling, so this is a little disadvantage. I still like it for its delicacy, which is really important for my sensitive skin. I used it once a week for a good result. Also, it will last you a long time: I only needed a little bit for my whole face.

Overall Note: B.

Where to Buy:

Escentual, Debenhams, Boots, Amazon

Clarins Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream has a very thick texture and when you squeeze the tube it comes out in a shape of a sausage:

clarins doux peeling photo DSC04571_zps8c4bc86f.jpg

You have to apply it evenly on your skin and wait a couple of minutes for it to dry up:

clarins doux peeling photo DSC04573_zps8c4bc86f.jpg

Then you can start rubbing it off your skin. Do it gently not to stretch your skin out! It will come off with the pieces of dead skin.

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