Cellulite is the biggest problem of every woman and although we don’t like talking about, something has to be done there. The beach season arrives soon and we all want to be as beautiful as ever, thin, sexy and cellulite-free. Of course if you’re going to use only one cream you will not get far but regular sports, healthy food in combination with a good cream can do a lot. Regular sports, healthy food and the best cream can even do wonders so let me present you Collistar Superconcentrated Anticellulite Night Treatment!

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The night treatment is on the left side of this photo.

Collistar Superconcentrated Anticellulite Night Treatment:

Innovative, easy to use and extraordinarily effective, it owes its success to the exclusive Micro-Patch®, which guarantees double effectiveness: • Allows an extremely high concentration of active anticellulite principles to be carried through the skin and released gradually during the night, when the skin tissues are the most receptive to treatment and the active ingredients are more readily absorbed. • Wraps the body in an invisible ‘reshaping sheath’ which makes it instantly smoother and more compact. The exceptional effectiveness of the formula is guaranteed by a superconcentrate of powerful anti-cellulite substances. Caffeine and carnitine help to reduce localised accumulations. Escine and extracts of ivy and butcher’s broom intensify the nightly draining of liquids. Thanks to its special concentration, just a few drops applied to the areas affected with cellulite are necessary to obtain visible results from the very first morning. Formulated especially for night-time use, it is ideal either as an individual treatment or as a additional treatment to accelerate the results of daytime anticellulite treatments. Night after night the effects of cellulite are progressively reduced and after one month of treatment the silhouette appears completely remodelled. Scientifically proven effectiveness: 80% of the women claimed it reduced the circumference of the thigh and diminished the orange peel effect.

On the following picture it’s on the left side again:

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My Opinion:

The packaging is a tube with a dropper. The serum is very concentrated, I only used a couple of drops each time for my hips. By the way, a 200ml bottle was enough for me for at least six months! It is transparent and has a light but a bit sticky texture. It gets absorbed pretty quickly though. It smells like plants, but the smell is gone pretty fast. If you have severe cellulite I have bad news for you: this serum will not do a lot. Well, it will do something but definitely not enough. If you have a bit of cellulite, you work out regularly then I have good news: you will see your skin get firmer, healthier, smoother and the cellulite will be gone! I am telling you, Collistar products work – these are the best anti-cellulite products I have ever tried and Collistar Superconcentrated Anticellulite Night Treatment is the best among the best. It is a bestseller and is totally worth it!

Overall Note: A.