Last week I already reviewed one of my favorite anti cellulite products. It was the Collistar Night Serum. Today I’ll review a product that is not less great and which you can use for a day time: Collistar Toning Firming Oil!

Seriously, these two make a great and effective duo, I generally lost a coupe of cm around my hips during the 3-4 months that I used this couple. And that is a nice bonus to the super firm and soft skin!

collistar anti cellulite serum photo DSC05770_zps03d1b66b.jpg

The firming oil is on the right side of this photo.

Collistar Toning Firming Oil:

Silky and very easily absorbed, this marvellous oil combines the toning power of six pure natural essential oils with the effectiveness of a highly advanced formula rich in elasticizing, firming and nourishing active principles which, day by day, visibly improve the compactness and elasticity of the skin. A valuable contribution is given by the exclusive Collagener®, an active principle which stimulates the fibroblasts to produce Collagen I, most beneficial in firming and stabilizing the skin tissues.

Super-effective and multifunctional, the product offers a dual use – apply to dry skin for an intensive firming massage or to damp skin and then rinse off under the shower for a quick firming and toning treatment that leaves the body extraordinarily soft and ultra-smooth without the need to follow up with other products, thanks to the addition of Suberlift®, a lifting substance of plant origin.

Suitable for all skin types, it is also recommended for preventing slackening and stretchmarks during pregnancy and slimming diets.

On the following picture it’s on the right side again:

collistar anti cellulite serum photo DSC05775_zpsd4046591.jpg

My Opinion:

The packaging is a tube with a small opening. The product drips out of it, you need a couple of drops for the whole upper leg. You won’t need a lot, the product is very concentrated and effective! It has oily texture evidently but it gets absorbed really easily and doesn’t stick, which is great. I tried using this oil under the shower but I didn’t see any significant effect, it was just nice using an oily texture under the shower, the skin felt smooth later. But I did see the real effect when I used this product after the shower while massaging it into my trouble zones. The skin got a lot firmer, nicer to look at and to touch. I repurchased this product a couple of times and I will definitely do that again! I am in love with it!

Overall Note: A.