I think every girl has some…deep beauty secret. Something you absolutely love doing, a secret beauty tradition or a hobby that you know is absolutely useless but you’re still doing it. And you can’t resist! Well at least, that’s what I like thinking, that everyone has a deep dark twisted secret, haha. Me, I loved collecting empty carton boxes. You know, the packaging of powders, eye shadows, perfumes…I had them all! I tried to keep them in their perfect state, arranged them, rearranged them…and the whole process gave me a huge satisfaction!

 photo DSC04489_zpsaaf34f17.jpg

I think that if we hadn’t moved I would have to have a special closet full with my boxes. But we had to move so at some certain point I had to get rid of them. And I did it!

 photo DSC04490_zps57575c45.jpg

This is a part of my “collection”! I know it is completely crazy! And useless! But that’s what I loved doing.

 photo DSC04494_zps62ba0fcf.jpgWhat about you, do you have any secret obsessions?