I am not a fan of diets. I never was. I hate saying “no” to myself and often my body knows better than me what I need at that particular moment. Whether I need carbs, proteins or fat, I let my body decide. Sure, I have tried several diets before but none of them worked out well for me. Because the only thing I could think of was food. “What should I eat? What should I stay away from? When should I eat? How much should I eat?” the thoughts like that drove me crazy and literally all I could think of was…food. So I ate. A lot. Much more than I actually needed. A paradox isn’t it! I managed to lose weight only when I stopped thinking about food. At all! I ate cakes, chocolates and everything I wanted to and I lost weight. How? Well, because that was pretty all I ate. I could eat cake instead of dinner. Because I wanted cake. I didn’t want dinner. Or I could skip dinner at all. Because I wasn’t hungry. Definitely it was not at all healthy but it worked. But now I don’t want that anymore. I don’t want to simply lose weight. I want my body to be healthy. I want to have some muscles! My body is the only one I’ve got and I have to start taking good care of it! So this image makes really a lot of sense to me:


And as I want to eat healthy I have to start thinking about food. Now I’m trying out a new system: I’m counting calories! Probably you think that this method is really old-fashioned. No it’s not! Look at all the other diets! What do they tell you to do? “Eat proteins, no carbs and no fat”. Yeah well that’s because there’s way less calories in proteins than in carbs! “Don’t eat any meat, eat only raw vegetables”. Again, you can eat 1 big muffin or almost 28 kilos of tomatoes!!!  So it all comes down to the good old principle:

eat less than you burn, then you’ll lose weight.

Besides, you can take it one step further. I’m not only counting calories, I also make sure I eat enough (but not too much) of carbs, fat and proteins. So I am looking at the whole picture! And that’s the healthy way of doing it. And I hope that soon you’ll see a well shaped beautiful body on this picture!

Because of course as I said, the main thing is to keep doing sports. This is essential! I am loving Focus T25 program at this moment.

Another secret revealed: how do I keep track of everything that I eat? Well it took me a while but now I found an amazing app for that: MyFitnessPal. This is a free app for your phone/tablet (apple, android, blackberry, windows) where you can keep track of what you eat, how much you eat, your weight and body measurements, exercise. It’s really good! Besides you can find many food thing in there already and if there’s something missing, you can add it. And you can update wherever you are so there’s no excuse!

Let’s count calories together!