So it finally happened! I always loved makeup and everything that had to do with it. But now I decided to go one step further: I decided to go to a makeup academy! I want to be able to do gorgeous makeups not only on myself but on everyone. No, I’ll put it differently: I want to improve what I already am capable of and bring to to the new level. I want to reach a high level, I want to do complex makeups, I want to do body art and theatre and movie makeup…yes I want it all. But ok that’s the plan for the future, for now we study the basics.


Oh yes, this was the best decision of my life. Because despite all the information available, it turns out that like 90% of it has nothing to do with the real makeup. With the makeup artist makeup. It’s like the same thing but totally different. Now I know! I thought I was already pretty good with the brush and simple makeup. But no! Actually now I have to forget almost everything that I knew and start all over again because…Well, I watched a ton of YouTube videos and I thought I knew everything but this is so, so wrong! Ok, baby steps. I will get there!

I am afraid of people. As it turns out. Ok, joking aside: I treat my models almost as if they were my patients and somehow I always feel that if I move my brush 1mm to the left I will kill them. I get very upset when I have a beautiful picture of something in my head and it looks so different on my model’s eyes! It’s so bad to be a perfectionist. So I definitely have a lot to work on! But it’s amazing. I love it! I love practicing and improving my techniques. I look so differently now upon the products that I use. I always thought by the way that I had awful skin and my eyes were so different and bla bla…Well now I actually see other people and it turns out I have what they call ‘perfect eyes’ and my skin is pretty good, too. Yay! So you have to believe me when I tell you that you’re beautiful!


So soon I am going to become a makeup artist! For now…I have to practice! A lot!

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