Last week I already wrote some reviews about home fitness programs that I’ve tried. I told you about Jillian Michaels and this week it’s time for my new passion: Shaun T’s Focus T25!

I must tell you that I didn’t even know who that is before this program. But I decided to try it anyway. What I liked is that this program is ‘unisex’, there is a clear structure and at the same time you are doing new exercise every day. And that was exactly what I missed with Jillian Michaels for example: at some point you just get bored doing the same routine every day.

But first some words about Shaun. Shaun T or Shaun Thompson – is a fitness trainer and choreographer, he started to work with Beachbody back in 2006 when he made the program called “Hip Hop Abs”. The program quickly became America’s bestseller. Then in 2009, another hit followed named “Insanity”. Focus T25 is his newest creation that was released in 2013, so probably you will not find a lot of reviews for it yet. I decided to try it out and share my opinion with you!

Focus T25

The program lasts 10 weeks and is separated into two phases: Alpha and Beta, each of which lasts 5 weeks. You can buy Gamma later but I’m not there just yet. I only started doing it a week ago and for now I am fan! Sorry Jillian, but I am definitely cheating here haha! So every day you do different set of workout, each of which lasts 25 minutes. 25 minutes and there you have your beach body! Incredible isn’t it? Well actually you have to give everything during these 25 minutes and sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s really hard but you have to push yourself through it. Friday is a Double Friday day, so you do 2 times 25 minutes, Saturday is a rest day and Sunday you do stretching – another thing I missed with Jillian.

So for now I am very enthusiastic, let’s do this together!