I guess you already heard someone say “she’s a spring” or “I’m a winter” and you probably wondered what it meant. As there are 4 seasons in a year, people could be divided into 4 seasons. I will not go deeply into the topic as there are loads of information to find about it on the internet, books to read and there are people who can explain the theory much better than me. So just briefly, what are the 4 different seasons?


The classic winter example would be a woman with porcelain skin and black hair: very cold and high contrast appearance. Also, these are women with very pronounced eye lashes, eye brows, hair of intense deep colors.

winter color scheme women example

Lucy Liu*

Liv Tyler color season winter

Liv Tyler*

elizabeth taylor winter color season

Elizabeth Taylor*


You could say about spring women that there’s almost no difference between the color of their skin, hair and eyes, there’s little contrast. I am spring myself and I guess you often heard my complain about my “transparent” eye brows and lashes, haha :) We have golden/red highlights and a generally warmer complexion.

spring season color women

Kade Hudson*

brittany snow spring

Brittany Snow*

amy adams spring season color

Amy Adams*


Summer women are generally also women that have low contrast between their hair and eye colors. Summer women are generally women with more ashy hair and cool skin tone.

Jodie Foster summer season color

Jodie Foster*

Kate Middleton summer season color

Kate Middleton*

rihanna summer season color



Autumn women are the most warm women in their skin and hair color (e.g. deep brown shades with deep golden highlights). These women often have eyes of deep intense colors, all shades of brown and hazel. These are women of low contrast. Your skin can be from olive to dark.

Gisele Bundchen autumn color scheme

Gisele Bundchen*

Beyonce autumn color season


eva mendes autumn season color

Eva Mendes*

But then again, some people are not “pure spring” or “pure autumn”, you can also be a mix of 2 seasons, a light, cold or warm variation of it. If you want to find out what season you are, do a free test here!

What season are you?

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