It’s been a month since I posted a wishlist update so I decided it’s time to do a little update! Traditionally, first the summary of the previous wishlist and my comments.

  1. Skincare. I decided to completely change my skincare routine and go professional. I already have a scheme with Christina skincare products (this is the brand that I chose) and I’ve done one of Christina facial treatments at beauty salon (it was Christina Comodex and I absolutely loved it) so now I am testing her skincare products. For the moment I like everything but we’ll see!

  2. I am thinking about maybe doing the permanent makeup (I am thinking eye brows and maybe lips). I still have huge doubts though, but I am gathering information right now.

  3. As I am getting married this summer and I am going to do my makeup myself I am looking for a good waterproof foundation. I am thinking maybe Estee Lauder Double Wear. But I am not sure yet, I want the very best longlasting foundation, haha!

#1: I bought and tested quite some Christina products, for now I still don’t have a complete opinion. I had some severe breakouts in the past time but I think it might be due to stress (I’ve had a very stressful period). Also, my skin is so incredibly dry! So I’m trying out all the products that I can at the moment and once I know for sure if it’s good or bad for me I’ll write a review!

#2: I am 90% sure now that I’m going to do it! I already did some research and found a great master so now I still need to find some courage, haha! Would you be interested in a review/my experience by the way?

#3: Actually I totally forgot about this one! Lately I’ve been using my Caron powder a lot so didn’t really think about foundations. Besides, I am starting a makeup course soon so I am guessing I will be able to find a good long-lasting foundation then!

So as to the products that are on my current beauty wishlist, I have the following products on it:

  1. My main focus is still skincare, I am currently searching for good, no, best hydration especially for my eyes.
  2. A set of hair care products. I’m thinking about trying something new, maybe Joico…My hair needs a good hydrating boost!
    joico moisture recovery
  3. Actually I’m a bit more into fashion at this moment so I want to renew my wardrobe for the upcoming spring. Tell me if you know any nice online shops!

This is it for now!