A while ago I told you I was going to switch on to professional skincare. The brand of my choice is Christina, this is an Israeli professional skincare brand that specializes in the skincare products for people with problem skin (like me). So I was really eager to try out the star product of the brand: Christina Biophyto Zaatar Cream!

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Christina Biophyto Zaatar Cream: Product Description

An advanced formula, helps diminish blemishes and control skin disorders. This cream assists in preventing blemishes while effectively reducing inflammations an future imbalances. A potent combination of actives purify and detoxify the skin, soothes and hydrates leaving it smoother and calmer.

My cosmetologist told me this cream would bring balance back to my skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.

As almost all the professional skin care products, it is available in two sizes: the small (75ml) and big (250ml) one. I have the 75ml one which as I figured was big enough (comparing to 30 or 50ml max of standard skin creams). The 75ml (2.5 fl.oz) version comes in a squeeze tube which is my favorite kind of packaging:

christing biophyto zaatar cream

My Opinion:

I went through three different stadiums with this cream: first it dried my skin out (or at least my skin felt really really dry but I am still not sure that this is Zaatar’s fault as we were in Riga and it was like -18C outside which is really cold and any cream would have the same effect I guess). Then my skin started to break out crazy (then again, it was a period of a huge stress for me so my guess would be that my breakouts were due to stress). And then I actually started using it with a couple of other products and I started liking it! My cosmetologist told me this product was supposed to help me improve my skin condition while hydrating it. The thing is: this cream does hydrate but it was not enough for me. I had to use serum under it (Teraskin first but it caused breakouts; then I switched to Christina Forever Young Moisture Fusion Serum which did a much greater job for me) and a thick moisturizing cream on top (Christina Forever Young Hidra Protective Day Cream SPF40) and the three of these products did a wonderful job for my skin. I loved the effect of the 3 of them! My skin felt smooth and it stopped breaking out. It looks really good now and I even see it ‘shining’ when I have no makeup on, which is a great effect! But ok, let’s go back to Christina Biophyto Zaatar cream. It has a very thick texture and a crazy smell: it smells like fish in the forest. And this smell is so strong! I think it’s due to cod liver oil and thyme which are in the ingredients list of this cream. The best way of applying it was to first apply the small amount on my fingers, then warm it up until it becomes liquid and then apply it on my face. By the way the crazy thing about this cream was when I almost finished it there was lots of water that came out of the packaging! I guess I should have shaken it before using. After application it feels really thick and greasy on your face but you have to wait for around 10 minutes until it gets absorbed. Then my face felt dry and wasn’t greasy at all! I could say a lot of things about this cream but I know for sure that it was working, it was actually improving my face condition! Because many other creams…well I have a feeling like they do nothing. And their best result is when they don’t spoil your actual face condition! Anyways, the final result of this cream was pretty good so I guess I will repurchase it again!

Overall Note: B+.

Texture: 8/10; Effect: 8/10; Hydration: 7/10; Fragrance: 6/10.

Where to Buy:


And finally here is the ingredients list:

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