So as I told you before, since January I’ve been using professional skincare products. I started with products from the brand Christina and today I will review another product that I’ve tried. So this post is about Christina Unstress Stabilizing Toner.

Christina Unstress Stabilizing Toner: Product Description

The Stabilizer Toner cleanses and calms stressed skin with an active B5 pro-vitamin formula. By maintaining vital hydration and suppleness, Stabilizer Toner exposes soothed and smoothed skin.

As usual, the description sounds really good! By the way, the bottle is really huge: it contains 300ml (10 fl.oz) of product while all the other toners contain 150 or 200ml! So it is an economy packaging, which is a nice bonus.

christina unstress stabilizing toner photo IMG_1249_zpsd5ccb76a.jpg

Now let’s take a look at what’s inside of it. Frankly, I did my best to make a decent picture but it’s really hard to do with similar packaging. So I have 2 different pictures of ingredients:

christina unstress stabilizing toner photo IMG_1254_zps48a256c4.jpg

 photo IMG_1252_zps487700b8.jpg

As you can see, it doesn’t contain alcohol. It’s water based and contains lots and lots of extracts and good stuff. Not bad at all!

My opinion:

Frankly this is the first toner that I didn’t like at all. I mean, I’ve had other ones that weren’t that great but I managed to use them up anyways. But this one…where should I start. I use it as the description says: I first apply it on a cotton and the on to my face. Ones the cotton touches my face it gets all soapy. After application I want to wash my face again because of this film that it leaves…brrr. Not a very pleasant feeling. Also I think it clogged my pores. Normally if I have doubts like that I stop using a product for while and then I give it another chance but in this case I just didn’t want to use it anymore. So now this huge bottle is waiting for its turn to be used up for other purposes…but I will definitely not use it on my face anymore. The only reason I didn’t give this product an F is because of its decent ingredients list.

Overall note: D.

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