Matte lips are trendy at this moment! And trendy is good as long as it looks nice and actually makes you look prettier. The problem with matte lipsticks and lipglosses is that often they make your lips look wrinkley and old. Finding a good matte lipgloss/lipstick is a real quest and guess what? I have found one and a budget one, too! Here is Collection 2000 Cream Puff review, photos and swatches!

collection cream puff photo IMG_1925_zpse4a8f464.jpg

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Color Product Description

A velvet finish with matt & muted tones, it’s the must-have Cream Puff Lip Cream by Collection 2000.

The brush is a sponge, the packaging itself is shorter and thicker than any normal lip gloss and looks very cute. There’s 5ml of product in it.

collection cream puff photo IMG_1932_zpsffcd84cd.jpg

My Collection 2000 Cream Puff is available in 4 different shades:

  • Cotton Candy 1
  • Powder Puff 2
  • Fairy Cake 3
  • Angel Delight 4

My Collection 2000 Cream Puff is in the shade fairy cake 3, which is a matte coral shade. Here’s a swatch:

collection cream puff photo IMG_2141_zpsf97cc95d.jpg

It gives a pretty good coverage with one layer but to achieve the perfect coverage you have to apply several layers. I think it looks prettiest with that kind of lip products. But still, I see some light stripes on my lips:

collection cream puff photo IMG_2154-Edit_zps81f3bc5b.jpg

I have that so often: I look in the mirror, my lips (or face, blush etc.) look perfect then I take a picture and I see so many flaws! Do you also have that? So annoying!

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Review

To begin with, I love this product already because of its color: it’s really soft and muted so perfect for me! I love brights, too but to be frank I think slightly muted colors look better on me. The little disadvantage here is that it’s only available in 3 other shades which makes a total of 4. And that’s not a lot! They also have a brownish shade, a nude shade and a pink shade. So I would definitely prefer more colors as they quality is very nice: it applies smoothly and first feels very glossy but after a couple of minutes it will dry up and get that matte finish. It lasts for about 4 hours with no problems, the shade will not be as intense as directly after application of course but the color will still be there. You do have to apply several layers though to cover your lips entirely! All in all, I think Collection 2000 Cream Puff is a great budget lip gloss!

Overall Note: A-.

Texture: 9/10; Longevity: 8/10; Color: 10/10; Packaging: 10/10; Finish: 10/10.

collection cream puff photo IMG_2159-Edit_zpsfe7f4721.jpg

Where to buy:

Boots, Superdrug, Amazon