This look was something I created without any idea of what my makeup was going to be! I just started doing my eyes and then this came out! I also feel like wearing bright lips lately and this red lipstick is just gorgeous! So here it is:




naked basics makeup photo IMG_1891_zps9eade4c4.jpg


For my face I went for Make Up For Ever powder. It’s a really good product but I see now that my skin is already a bit too dark for it! Just a tiny bit though. On my cheeks I wear my usual go-to combination: Guerlain meteorites as a blush and Empreinte de Chanel as contour/highlighter.

naked basics makeup photo IMG_1867_zpsee594907.jpg


As I said in my latest favorites video, Naked Basics is the only palette that I actually use lately. For my makeup I used all the shades! I also used a black khol and eyeliner. I finished the eye look with black mascara. For my eyebrows I went for the lightest shade of Clarins palette. For my dark circles I love my standard duo of a BB cream and concealer-highlighter!

naked basics makeup photo IMG_1871-Edit_zpsf9fb1626.jpg


For the lips I chose a very pretty berry lip liner and a lipstick by Chanel! I love this color, it’s just exactly what works for me! The lip liner is shade is 37 and lipstick is 85.


naked basics makeup photo IMG_1895_zps870b85fd.jpg

As for the accessories…I’ve been into white metals for a really long time but now I prefer gold metals. I think gold looks better with my face! What do you think? My necklace and rings on my middle finger are from H&M, the ring on my ring finger is from Swarovski. The watch is by Fossil. And of course I’m wearing my Marc Jacobs glasses, they’re so cool I wear them literally all the time even though before I used to wear contacts!