I never understood why people rave or rant about tweezers. I always thought it was something really not important…until I started to go to a makeup academy. There I had to work on other people with eye brows totally different than mine and that’s where I felt that my tweezers were definitely not good enough. And then I tried a really good pair of tweezers: Make Up For Ever! I totally had to have them!

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1754_zpsfc4648be.jpg

Make Up For Ever Tweezers: Product Description

These “crab-shaped” beveled tweezers allow you to remove hair quickly and gently without breaking them.

Make Up For Ever tweezers come in a plastic tube. It protects the tweezers and I would recommend you to keep your tweezers in their original packaging so that the chance of them breaking or getting dull is a small one.

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1761_zps96d1766f.jpg

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1763_zps8542c697.jpg

On the top of the tweezers there’s an extra protection. Always place it back when you’re done tweezing the eye brows!

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1768_zps0e551378.jpg

The tweezers have standard size and length. The body is made of matte black metal with white Make Up For Ever logo.

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1765_zps9c3c7d2e.jpg

I always wondered why the very top tweezing part is steel, not black. The answer is pretty logical: the steel makes a better contrast with eye brow hair so that you can see better the hair that you’re removing!

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1769_zps07b096a3.jpg

For the ones who wonder: on this picture you can see the size of the tweezers! Note: the ruler is in cm; 1cm = 0.39 inches. So the widht of the tweezers is about 4mm or 0.16 inches.

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1797_zps83680999.jpg

The tweezers’ length is around 9.5cm or 3.74 inches.

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1796_zpsa2e02956.jpg

Here you can see the angle of the tweezers:

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1772_zps9b3ed798.jpg

When you buy a pair of tweezers always check that when you squeeze them together, there’s no gap!

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1785_zpsdcd50595.jpg

When you buy your tweezers at Make Up For Ever store you can be sure that if they get dull after some time you can bring them to the service point where they will make them sharp again!

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1775_zpsb75c8d6c.jpg

The new tweezers are nice and sharp!

make up for ever tweezers photo IMG_1794_zps31974328.jpg

My Opinion:

These tweezers really do their job well! I never knew but before with my previous tweezers I was breaking my hair not removing it! I understood it when I started using these Make Up For Ever tweezers: the hair that I pulled out all had a white tip on the top: the hair root! And it goes so much easier and I feel so much less pain! Wow! It’s really amazing how a good pair of tweezers can change your life. They’re very precise and can get the smallest hair out. I am fan! I highly recommend you these!

Overall Note: A+

Point: 10/10; Grip: 10/10; Packaging and design: 10/10; Precision: 10/10.

Where to buy:

Sephora; your Make Up For Ever Store or Amazon.