I haven’t written any updates since we moved to Riga! Couple of things have changed and exciting things have happened so I decided to write this update! The most exciting thing for me was that I finally decided to go to a makeup artist school! I was hesitating a lot whether I should or not but I finally did and I am so happy about this decision! I mean I love makeup I always have and I was already pretty good was it but by far not as good as I can be! So now I start understanding some things a lot better and I brush up my basics and hope to be able to get really creative soon so that’s definitely a positive thing for my blog too! It sometimes is hard but I keep practicing:

I keep discovering interesting things every day…did you know you could bend any mascara brush like this? It makes it sooo much easier to access your inner eye corners lashes!

The other exciting thing that happened was that I’ve been to a fashion week for the first time in my life! It was Riga Fashion Week. I thought it was such a great experience! I was at Natalija Jansone Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 fashion show. The collection itself was very classic, with lots of black, grey and earthy colors.

The upcoming trends are: hats and socks! With open toes heels:

The dresses were mostly of very simple lines:

The other things haven’t changed a lot, I still follow Focus T25 program with Shaun T:

I keep track of my progress but for now for the first month I lost only 0.5cm in my hips. I keep working!

This is it! This is all for my update! Have you done anything exciting recently?