I love traveling! I love seeing the world and all the new cultures, I love planning my trips and I hate it when something goes not as planned. And sometimes we can do absolutely nothing about it so the only thing that’s left is relax and enjoy whatever there left to be enjoyed.

As for the airlines and service I’ve seen a lot of things: great impeccable service but also Russian airline companies that sold non-existing tickets and denied boarding to the passengers in the beginning of 2000s. Fortunately, that’s in the past now but sometimes you may have some problems traveling and sometimes these problems can be prevented.

The budget airline companies get more popular every day and many people trap into the seduction of low prices. And to avoid that you should be prepared!

So let’s first talk about what are the low cost or budget airlines?

low cost airlines

I think it must be clear that no matter which airline company we’re talking about, they’re all companies and their main purpose is to make money. So try doing that by offering high quality service. Other cut costs wherever possible. And low cost or budget airlines they cut costs literally everywhere: staff salaries, they have more seats per plane (and thus less leg space) plus you have to pay for absolutely everything that’s extra to actually flying somewhere. So if you know what to expect you can save a lot of money but if you’re used to high standard companies you can actually waste a lot of money on extra services that could have been avoided! So the only thing you have to do is study all the company’s rules! And read my general budget airlines tips.

So, what should you be aware of booking a flight with a low cost air company?

1 Luggage.

Oh this is a classic one. You always have to pay for the luggage! Some companies even make you pay for the cabin luggage. And some go even further: cabin luggage is paid plus y0u may only take 1 piece of cabin luggage per person! So it either can be your purse or your small trolley. Well sure, you can put your purse into your trolley but mine is always full so I have to think of leaving some space for it.

How to avoid extra cost?

You can pay for your luggage when you’re booking your flight. The fees are pretty reasonable and are generally between 20-40 euros per bag. But if you leave it until you’re at the airport then you’ll have to pay double amount of that money or more!


2 Check-in.

Check-in at the airport is a luxury nowadays! It costs around 10 euros.

How to avoid extra cost?

Online check-in is still free! So before leaving for the airport visit the website of your air company and do the check-in online. Then you’ll only have to print out your boarding pass and check-in your luggage at the airport!

3 Food.

Don’t think about getting some food! Drinks are not free either.

How to avoid extra cost?

You can take something to eat with you and buy some water at the airport.

4 Seating.

That was the thing that shocked me most, I don’t know why. If you want a window seat or extra leg space seat…you have to pay! Anyways, if you want to have some particular seat you’ll have to pay. Because it’s free seating! So you enter the cabin and choose the seat that you like. Or that is left, that depends.

If you want to be seated first you’ll have to pay extra, too!

How to avoid extra cost?

Well…you have to start loving seats close to the aisle. Or to the toilets. Or just any available seat!

Voilà my tips for booking the budget airlines tickets! Frankly, you shouldn’t be afraid, they’re just as fine. Just be prepared, read the company’s rule thoroughly and I am sure you will enjoy your flight!