Slowly, chubby sticks and lip balm pencils become my favorite lip products. They’re really easy to use and give mostly sheer colour, just like a lip balm. You can find Catrice in many European countries now, as well as in Russia and in the USA if I’m not mistaken. In Riga you can find Catrice in Drogas but they always have the old collections presented. Like this one, Matchpoint was last summer’s limited edition collection! I can’t say I follow the collections closely so when I saw this lip balm I thought it might look pretty so I just decided to take it! And I know that Latvia is not the only country where you only have the old collections so maybe you can still find it somewhere!

Catrice Lip Balm Tint Review photo IMG_2339_zps9f988972.jpg

Basically, Catrice Lip Balm Tint is a very thick and soft lip pencil that works just as a lip balm. It comes as a twist pen so you won’t need a sharpener! It’s really easy.

Catrice Lip Balm Tint Review photo IMG_2341_zps59c4a054.jpg

My Catrice Lip Balm Tint is in the shade Rockby (collection Matchpoint included 2 shades: Rockby and ChamPINKon).

Catrice Lip Balm Tint Review photo IMG_2342_zps5a460026.jpg

Rockby is a cold-toned sheer berry red shade.

Catrice Lip Balm Tint Review photo IMG_2349_zps68f614c2.jpg

This is how it looks like on my lips. I must say that it’s better to use a lip liner with it to get a neater look. Otherwise the borders might look a bit messy!

Rockby is a warm sheer berry red shade. photo IMG_2359_zps945a9e70.jpg

Here is my whole face with Catrice Lip Balm Tint in Rockby. Even thought I am more of a warm-toned type it still looks very pretty on me!

Catrice Lip Balm Tint Review photo IMG_2363_zps6f964f8b.jpg

My Opinion:

The lip tint glides very smoothly over the lips and doesn’t dry them out at all. That’s an advantage and a disadvantage in one as if you have any wrinkles around your lips it will definitely get in there. So I strongly advise you applying this lip tint over the lip pencil. For the rest, I like the shade a lot and the finish: it is sheer and still covering and gives my lips a pretty sexy shine. All in all Catrice Lip Balm Tint is a great low budget lip chubby stick!

Overall Note: B+.

Packaging: 10/10; Texture: 9/10; Longevity: 6/10; Effect: 10/10; Finish: 10/10.

Do you like it?