I bought this BB cream back in China but decided to review it only now. The climate in China is so incredibly hot and humid that all makeup just doesn’t last. It gets ‘washed off’ your face in a couple of hours after the application and all the textures just seem so heavy! Even this BB cream, it seemed too heavy back there! So as you see, the climate conditions are really important for review. Now I am back in continental European climate and I have a completely different opinion of this BB cream. Actually, I think it’s pretty good! Here’s my review on Mentholatum Sunplay Skin Aqua Silky BB Cream.

mentholatum silky bb cream photo IMG_1926_zps67cff259.jpg

It comes in a plastic packaging as many other Asian products do.

Mentholatum Skin Aqua Silky BB Cream: Product Description

It is silky smooth feeling. Light texture with natural finish, with good coverage for pores, acne spots, and more. Recommended for normal, combination, or oily skin types Provides the ultimate skin perfecting experience to reveal smooth flawless look.Come with amazing with the Rona Care Ectoin and patent formula from France, provide the extra care to against the UVA and UVB. 10-in-1 functions: sun protection, oil control, concealer, whitening, moisture, anti-ageing and foundation. 

There’s 40g of product in it.

mentholatum silky bb cream photo IMG_2466_zps02550c83.jpg

The packaging is quite sleek: it’s white with silver top. I think it looks pretty! Also, I like the fact that it’s a squeeze tube!

mentholatum silky bb cream photo IMG_2463_zps8c34c129.jpg

Here’s the opening of the tube:

mentholatum silky bb cream photo IMG_1931_zps3e2e15fa.jpg

There is only one shade for this BB cream and I would say it’s a medium beige shade, like Dior 20 or MAC NC30 or something like that. Here’s the comparison with another BB cream: Missha Perfect Cover in 21, which is clearly lighter and more grey.

mentholatum silky bb cream photo IMG_2479-Edit_zps1610d0dc.jpg

When blended out on the hand, the difference is clearly visible and Mentholatum Silky BB cream almost looks orange. Well, at least comparing to my pretty pale hand.

All in all, Mentholatum Silky BB is a medium yellow based beige. It will be too dark for ladies with very pale skin and too light for girls with darker complexions.

mentholatum silky bb cream photo IMG_2487-Edit_zps636c1186.jpg

Another difference with Missha Perfect Cover is the finish. The picture below is slightly dark and out of focus but it does show what I wanted to show there: look at the glowy finish of Missha Perfect Cover and the matte finish of Mentholatum Silky BB! That being said, the Mentholatum BB cream is meant for ladies with normal to oily skin so that feature is a definite plus!

mentholatum silky bb cream photo IMG_2503-Edit_zps55f2141e.jpg

As I mentioned above, the shade of Mentholatum BB cream first seemed too dark and yellowish for me. But once applied on the face, it is completely invisible and looks natural beige. It gives a smooth matte finish and a medium coverage. I think that’s because of the whitening effect: look at my eyebrows and hair line, it all looks lighter on the photo on the right!

mentholatum silky bb cream photo Untitled-1_zps66b2c40f.jpg

My Opinion:

Mentholatum Sunplay Skin Aqua Silky BB Cream is a pretty light BB cream that gives a natural matte finish with medium coverage when applied with one coat. I like the texture: it feels like a light cream and dries up within seconds on my face. You don’t feel it on your face which is a plus. It lasts about 5 hours when it’s hot, then I need to touch up my face. It will still be there and will not disappear but I like removing excess oils with a mattifying paper. As for the shade, it’s a bit problematic. It’s perfect for me now but will be too dark for the ladies with really light sin. Me, my skin is very light too, but we’ve had a couple of good sunny days so I’ve taken some tan outside. All in all, a good product!

Overall Note: A.

Texture: 10/10; packaging: 10/10; effect: 8/10; finish: 9/10; longevity: 9/10

Where to Buy:

Online at sasa

Here’s another photo with full makeup on (from this FOTD):

coral grey fotd photo IMG_2527-Edit_zpsd1457998.jpg

What do you think? Do you like it?