Question of this week: this week I had a lot of questions about where to buy eyelid tape and other questions about eyelid tape:

Anna, I watched your video on youtube and I tried to order them online but I couldn’t find them. Where can I buy eyelid tape online?

Hi Anna! I have the same question, where can I order eyelid tape online?

Hi! I have a question: can I use something else instead of eyelid tape? Thanks…

Anna, where can I buy eyelid tape in Kiev and can I use eyelash glue instead of eyelid glue? Thanks a lot.

Ok, here are the answers to all of your questions. Unfortunately, I don’t know where you can buy eyelid tape in stores. I only know where you can buy them in China but I don’t think this information can be useful to anyone. But I do know where you can buy eyelid tape online: Tmart  for example (they’ve got many kinds of eyelid tape and free worldwide delivery) or at Sasa (there are delivery fees and worldwide shipping but sometimes you can benefit from free delivery when you buy for more than 19$ or 39$).

About whether you can use something else instead of eyelid tape. When I was in China I only saw people use eyelid tape and eyelid glue. But I did see something else: it looked kind of like skotch duct tape. You can to cut pieces of tape by yourself so basically it’s just customizable eyelid tape, not really anything different.

Then whether you can use eyelash glue. That’s a good question. They’re both made for the eyes so at least there’s that. I think it’s harder to remove though and I have absolutely no idea if it holds well. You can try though!

Feel free to ask me any question if you have them!

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