Question of this week:

I wanted to thank you for your videos and information about makeup and other stuff that you give us! I have a question about Hexomedine. I can’t find it anywhere so I thought maybe I could find something that’s like it? Do you know what the active ingredients are of this liquid? The way you described it it sounds pretty awesome!
And I have another question about holy land cosmetics double actione drying lotion demi makeup
What does it say about where it was made? Was it made in Israel or elsewhere? What does yours say?
Thanks a lot in advance! And I hope you’ll keep making your wonderful videos!

Wow thanks a lot! I am really glad you appreciate everything that I do :)

About hexomedine. There is one active ingredient which is hexamidine, or if I am even more specific it says it’s hexamidine diisethionate.
I found a formula of it:

2-Hydroxyethanesulphonic acid, compound with 4,4′-[hexane-1,6-diylbis(oxy)]bis[benzenecarboxamidine] (2:1)


About holy land cosmetics: mine says litterally: product of Israel by holy land cosmetics ltd.

I hope these answers will be enough for you, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions left!

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