Today’s post will be completely dedicated to weddings! One of the first steps to organizing the wedding is save the dates!

Some people believe that save the dates are completely unnecessary! That’s not true! Actually it depends on whether you are organizing your wedding in advance or not. If you’re going to get married in 6 months then yes you can skip this step! But if you still have 12 months + before your wedding date then a save the date can help you organizing it!

Why do you need a save the date?

Many people love planning everything a lot of time in advance. Vacations are much cheaper that way besides, you can choose from so many hotels as everything is available! So to make sure that all your guests will be able to enjoy your wedding with you you send them a save the date so that they know that they should keep this date available for you! Plus it’s so nice to have these beautiful memories and save the date photos!

What’s the difference between an invitation and save the date?

Save the date is much less formal than an invitation. Actually it’s a beautiful reminder for your guests! Normally you only note your names and your wedding date!

When to send save the date?

The opinions are different here and also it depends in where you live. But the basic rule is: you send save the date to your guests as soon as you have fixed the guest list and the date, so in the very beginning of your wedding preparations!

You send the invitations much later – when you booked and organized almost everything so you can also note the exact addresses of venues and times!

Finally – here are some save the date ideas!

For a circus wedding:

save the date photo IMG_1025_zpsb8afd711.jpg

Minimalistic save the date:

save the date photo IMG_1022_zps49693680.jpg

Beach wedding save the date:

save the date photo IMG_1024_zpsef22d84a.jpg

Rustique wedding save the date:

save the date photo IMG_1019_zps15c130b1.jpg

Classic save the date:

save the date photo IMG_1020_zps5d6ba3df.jpg

Travel wedding save the date:

save the date photo IMG_1021_zpsa0f065ab.jpg

Save the date:

save the date photo IMG_1047_zps356d106c.jpg

save the date photo IMG_1046_zps4bcd5568.jpgsave the date photo IMG_1045_zpsb36c6db9.jpg

save the date photo IMG_1027_zps54a24a69.jpg

save the date photo IMG_1048_zps809097d6.jpg