Lately I’ve been to a SPA treatment. It was so incredibly good! As if I’ve been on vacation. Perfect! I also needed a new face cream as by that time I’ve almost used up my Christina Zaatar and I was looking for something with a lighter texture. So lady at the SPA told me that Skin Doctors Youthcell Youth Activating Cream was a great one! Frankly, I haven’t even heard of this brand before but I decided to give it a try because she was saying it was really wonderful!

Skin Doctors Youth Cell Youth Activating Cream photo IMG_2084_zps37200159.jpg

There is a full description, cream itself (50 ml/1.7 fl.oz) and a spatula in the box:

Skin Doctors Youth Cell Youth Activating Cream photo IMG_2099_zps13d6283a.jpg

Skin Doctors Youth Cell Youth Activating Cream Product Description:

From the packaging:

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By the way when I saw the date on it I was a bit scared. But then I did some research and it appears that MFG is actually manufacture date, not the best before date! So as it seems, my cream is pretty fresh!


Skin Doctors Youth Cell Youth Activating Cream photo IMG_2091_zps2b69dc1a.jpg

Its texture is pretty light, soft and creamy. It’s not too greasy/too thick/to light, it’s just the way it’s supposed to be. It doesn’t have any strong fragrance either.

Skin Doctors Youth Cell Youth Activating Cream photo IMG_2111_zpsecf80b12.jpgSkin Doctors Youthcell Youth Activating Cream: My Opinion:

I love this cream! Seriously, it does everything and even more than it’s supposed to do! It gets absorbed really quickly, doesn’t leave any greasy film on my face. Besides, I don’t need to use any additional products – I only use this cream in the evening and it gives me more than enough hydration which is amazing! In the morning I apply a tiny bit of it on top of a hydrating serum. And my skin loves it! It has this healthy glow, it’s pretty even and I almost have no breakouts! I am really happy I bought this cream. So I definitely recommend it to everyone!

By the way, when I read the description it said that this cream is for people aged 30+. I am only 26 but I guess the lady at SPA thought that my skin needed it. So anyways, if you’re skin is really young and you’re like 18 or 20 I think you better look for something lighter that wouldn’t have as many active ingredients as this cream does. But for me it does wonders!

Overall Note: A+

Texture: 10/10; Packaging: 9/10; Effect: 10/10; Fragrance: 10/10

Where to Buy:

feelunique (free worldwide delivery on all orders over 10 pounds), lookfantastic (free worldwide delivery on all orders), Beauty Expert (free worldwide delivery on all orders)